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Silicone Ring Rash – Why it happens and how to prevent it

Silicone wedding rings are made from medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, and in almost 100% cases the silicone material does not cause the rashes. Most people are not allergic to silicone.

Why silicone rings cause rashes

If you have a rash because of wearing a silicone ring, in all probability, it is because of the silicone ring becoming dirty and bacteria build up on the inside of the ring. This is what causes your skin to break out in rashes. A factor that adds to the problem is silicone rings that are tight around your finger and not letting the skin breathe. This causes the area under the ring to become clammy. And as you all know humid, sweaty conditions are ideal for bacterial growth.

How to prevent it

The solution to this rash, is to clean your silicone ring thoroughly. The way to prevent it from happening again, is to regularly clean your silicone ring. Let me point out here, that this only happens to a few people and some people go for years wearing silicone rings, without any problems at all.

How to clean silicone rings

Silicone rings need a thorough cleaning, to rid them of dirt, sweat, grime and bacteria. This can be done very easily. You only need a few easily available items to do a deep clean of your silicone rings.

The simplest way is to clean the ring with soap and warm water. You just need to put the ring into warm soapy water and give it a good cleaning and scrubbing. If this does the trick, great, if not, then you want to try and clean it thoroughly, using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

The method of deep cleaning your silicone ring, is to take a half cup of vinegar and mix it with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Now submerge the ring in this mixture for about 45 minutes, or if you want to do more, let it stay overnight. The hydrogen peroxide will kill the bacteria. After you have soaked it, take an old toothbrush and give a through brushing and scrubbing. If you want to go even further, then put the ring in water an boil it for about 20 minutes.

Tips to prevent ring rash from silicone rings

Here are a few simple tips.

  • If you are prone to the rash, then try not to wear the ring all the time. Take it off, when you know it is alright, like when you are going to sleep, or you are going to be at home all day.
  • Try not to get the silicone ring wet. Don’t wear it when you go for a shower or to the swimming pool.
  • Try not to let sweat get to the ring. While I write this tip, I am thinking that it kind of defeats the very purpose of wearing a silicone ring, if you can’t exercise or be active while wearing it. However, if the rash is troublesome, you should avoid wearing the ring if there is a chance of sweating, getting wet, dirty or grimy.

Hopefully doing all or some of this, helps you. However, if none of it works, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist, or if there is no other option, stop wearing the silicone wedding ring.

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