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Even Barbie has a hoverboard now – introducing the Barbie Hoverboard

Best Hoverboard Brands New Barbie Hoverboard

The latest smart Barbie house features a rideable hoverboard for Barbie amongst a whole host of hi-tech features like voice commands, moving elevators, smart room lights and more. Responding to the real-life craze for hoverboards, it was only a matter of the time before the Barbie Hoverboard appeared.

It’s called the Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, and is the ultimate Barbie play house. Priced at a steep $299, it is what every little girl who loves Barbie dreams of. It has three modes, and responds to people talking to the house, when they start by saying “Hello Dream House”. The party mode of the Barbie Dreamhouse gets lights flashing, the chandelier spinning, music blasting away and the stairs converting themselves into a slide.

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The Barbie Hoverboard can fly

The Barbie Hoverboard is officially called the Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard, and is a small drone that Barbie can actually ride. It is a separate toy that costs $60. Add another $240 and you can get a real life hoverboard for yourself.

This Hello Barbie Dreamhouse and the Barbie Hoverboard were demonstrated by Mattel in a recent New York Toy Fair. Both will become available for sale by this fall.

By talking to the Dreamhouse, kids can turn on lights, the shower and even get the oven started. It also has a mobile app mode where kids can set custom lighting and light colour schemes and a lot more.

Here is a video of the all new Barbie hoverboard:

Here is a video of the entire Hello Barbie Dreamhouse:

In case you aren’t willing to shell out the money to get either of these two things, you can always make a doll hoverboard.

Here is a video of how to make your own doll hoverboard:

With such amazing toys like the flying Barbie Hoverboard coming up for kids, we can truly say that it’s a great time to be a kid!

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