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More than 100 Chinese hoverboard manufacturers form trade association to bring the Chinese hoverboard industry back on track

With the CPSC, the US Govt. Agency with the full form of Consumer Products Safety Commission, issuing a notice that all hoverboards are deemed unsafe unless they have proper safety and quality certifications, with the thousands and thousands of hoverboards being seized by US Customs and with major online retailers like Amazon and Toys ‘R’ Us removing hoverboards from their websites, the sale of hoverboards have been hit.

The CPSC Declares hoverboards unsafe unless UL 2272 certified

The CPSC has stated that hoverboard manufacturers will have to get their hoverboards fully certified to be able to legally sell them in the US. Since the CPSC announcement no hoverboard has been certified safe. The reason is that until some time back hoverboard manufacturers were stating that they had UN 38.3 and UL certification for their batteries, chargers and other components, but now the entire hoverboard has to be UL 2272 certified.

UL 2272 is the new standard of Underwriters Laboratories UL, that has been stated as necessary for selling hoverboards in the United States. Companies like Swagway are working closely with UL to set the standards of safety and quality for the industry and have even come up with a next generation fire-retardant hoverboard branded SwagTron. As the leading US hoverboard manufacturers and sellers like Swagway work away on this issue, it will be only a matter of time when a new second generation hoverboard will come out that is safe and will be UL 2272 certified.

While this was happening in the United States, back in China, where hundreds of manufacturers were making hoverboards, the sales have been hit hard. IN fact many of the companies have large inventories of hoverboards lying unsold in the United States. In the current scenario where the US Govt. has declared the current hoverboards unsafe, consumers in the US have become very careful about buying hoverboards. Though they are selling, the initial extremely high sales have come down.

The Hoverboard Industry Alliance

To counter this looming issue with the chaotic Chinese manufacturing industry, over a 100 hoverboard manufacturers have come together to form a Trade Association called the Hoverboard Industry Alliance. This industry alliance aims to bring the Chinese hoverboard manufacturing industry up to sped with the quality and safety requirements in the US, such as the UL 2272 amongst other things.

100 Chinese hoverboard manufacturers come together best hoverboard brands

These over 100 Chinese hoverboard manufacturers formed this trade association in January 2016 and have just concluded their second trade conference on 3rd of March 2016. The Hoverboard Industry Alliance will help Chinese manufacturers apply for the UL 2272, understand and comply with US quality and safety certifications, give assistance and guidance to manufacturers who need help and work towards strengthening and organizing the Chinese hoverboard manufacturing industry.

What we feel at Best Hoverboard Brands

At Best Hoverboard Brands, we feel it is just a matter of time when the entire controversy and fire safety concern surrounding hoverboards, will give way to a new evolved hoverboard model and hoverboard industry that will bring safe and durable hoverboards into the market, for every American to enjoy.

If you want to buy a hoverboard today, we will recommend that you buy straight from the Swagway website. They have been working closely with UL and CPSC to evolve the hoverboard industry to the higher levels of safety and quality that is needed.

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