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Singapore PM’s wife Ho Ching injures arm in hoverboard fall – Hoverboard Singapore News

Hoverboard Singapore News - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife Ho Ching injures left elbow in hoverboard fall

Hoverboard Singapore News Update - Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, owns several hoverboards. It happened when she was trying to step off on one of her hoverboards. In her own words she had “a difference of opinion with one of my hoverboards”. She was trying to get off the hoverboard, but it went on a spin, throwing her to the ground.

She shared a photo of herself with a Star Wars Storm Trooper at the Changi airport, showing a flexi-cast on her left elbow. She shared the photo on Facebook on February 8th, the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year.

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She wrote in her Facebook post, "First week on half open cast to give space for swelling of arm; Second week full cast to stabilize elbow joint; Now on flex frame 'cast' to enable the elbow to do controlled flexing to minimize risk of frozen elbow as it heals."

Ho Ching is the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings, which she had joined as Executive Director in May 2002. Forbes has listed her as the 59th most powerful woman in the world in 2015. She met her husband, Lee Hsien Loong, current Prime Minister of Singapore, on 17 December 1985.

Her husband, Lee, is the eldest son of former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He is a certified technology geek, who can code, is a die-hard Star Wars fan, uses a Fitbit for exercising and even owns a lightsaber.

best-hoverboard-brands-Lee Hsieng Loong wife -Singapore hoverboard news -accident

Ho Ching, in her Facebook post featuring a photo of herself with a Stromtrooper in Changi airport joked about her injury by writing, "Must remember to respect temperamental hoverboards!"

Thousands of her fans wished her a speedy recovery and of course a happy Chinese New Year. She was seen in other photographs too, with her left arm in a flexi-cast.

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In Singapore the hoverboard craze is on, and they were selling like hotcakes during the December Christmas season. Form parents buying them for children to company gifts, the demand for hoverboards is on the rise. There have been safety concerns because of news of hoverboards catching fire, but no case has been reported in Singapore as yet.

More Hoverboard Singapore News

In more hoverboard Singapore news, the authority for the safety of general household consumer goods, SPRING Singapore, has the hoverboards on its radar. SPRING says that they do not directly fall under their purview, however, the power adaptors used for charging the hoverboards have to be registered with SPRING and issued with a safety mark.

SPRING Singapore conducts regular market surveillance on adaptors, and has advised people to be careful when buying hoverboards. They advised people to buy from a reliable source, and to look carefully at the instructions and warning labels. They also have a product safety recall page, where people can check if their particular brand of hoverboard has been recalled.

Singapore airlines has also banned hoverboards on board even in checked-in baggage. Like a plethora of other airlines, they are worried about the low quality batteries bursting into flames.


In fact Singapore Airlines said that its existing luggage restrictions say that no battery with more than eight grams of lithium or 160 watt hours can be carried on board. This restriction prevents hoverboards, Segways and electric bicycles to be carried on board. They have now extended this restriction to include all hoverboards, regardless of what their power supply specs are.

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