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How to clean and defog snorkel masks

Whether you are wearing a full face snorkel mask or the regular snorkel mask, if you go snorkelling, you will come across the problem of your mask fogging up or becoming dirty.

There are many opinions out there as to what the best way to clean and defog your snorkel mask is. They range from spit to defogging goo, and a couple of things in between.

To start off, a full face snorkel mask does not fog in normal circumstances, unless you are snorkeling in quite cold water or your mask is already somewhat dirty with sunscreen, sand, sweat or general dirt.

How to clean your snorkel mask

The best way to prevent fogging is by regularly cleaning your full face snorkel mask. The cleaning is pretty simple, rinse it in clean water, preferably slightly warm, and then wipe it with a soft cloth that will not cause scratches or marks, and finally store it in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

This regular cleaning and maintenance Should keep your snorkelling mask clean and fog free.

How to prevent fogging of your snorkel mask

After reading up about various options and trying them all out, we have come to the conclusion that a mixture of baby shampoo and water is the best way to keep your snorkeling mask fog free. The way to do this is to buy baby shampoo and mix it with some water and carry that with you when you go snorkeling. You should apply a little of it in the mask inside and outside and spread it evenly across the surface of the mask. Then you should wipe it clean with a soft clean cloth.

The next best approach is to buy anti fogging liquid from a store. This anti-fogging product costs just around $5 and one or two drops is enough for an entire day’s snorkeling. The bottle of anti –fogging goo will last a very long time, and is extremely cheap. This makes it a very convenient and easy option. However, sometimes under some conditions this does not work, and that is when you can also try the other methods like baby shampoo. Also, for all methods to work it is important that your snorkel mask is cleaned of all sunscreen, cream, dirt and sweat,

The third method that we have come across, and are guilty of using many times, is to use your spit on the snorkel mask. This actually works but it is a not a solution for longer periods of snorkeling. It is important to first make sure your snorkeling mask is clean of all sunscreen, dirt etc. and then apply a bit of spit.

The fourth method is to use a store bought hand soap in cleaning out the snorkeling mask, and rinse it with clean water. This has had a mixed result for many snorkelers and also for us.

Even if you buy the best full face snorkel masks, you will face the problem of fog sometimes. It is best to stay prepared, rather than spoil your day of snorkeling with a foggy mask. Do try out the methods we have talked about and tell us what worked best with you.

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