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Official UL 2272 webinar by Underwriters Laboratories on “What the New UL 2272 Means for Hoverboards & Related Light EV Operated Products”

On March 8th, UL did an official webinar on the new UL 2272 standard for hoverboards. It was conducted by Laurie Florence, who is a principal engineer with UL and is the lead on development of UL 2272.

In this webinar, she takes us through the development process of UL 2272 and provides an overview of the most important requirements in the standard. The webinar goes into considerable details, and Laurie shows us slides while talking about overall certification programs for hoverboards that are provided by UL and also about the future plans for the UL 2272 standard.

UL 2272 webinar on hoverboards by UL Official Webinar Best Hoverboard Brands

Laurie also talks about how the industry and all stakeholders can reach a consensus about setting the standards and the critical requirements of safety and quality. She talks about the battery and various other parts of the hoverboard, its manufacturing process and many other details.

The overall topics covered in this highly ​beneficial webinar are:

• Background for UL 2272 development & incidents reported by CPSC
• Critical safety considerations for lithium ion battery systems in self-balancing scooters
• An overview of construction requirements and test requirements
• Certification information for products evaluated to UL 2272
• Summary of test samples needed to complete evaluation
• Review of CPSC’s February 18th, 2016 announcement regarding compliance to UL 2272
• Summary of the work to date and future plans

All those who are connected to the hoverboard industry, including manufacturers, sellers, reviewers, webmasters selling hoverboards, eCommerce website selling hoverboards and of course owners and would be owners of hoverboard should see this recording of the webinar to get some very critical information about safety standards for the hoverboard.

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