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Can a rubber ring hold a marriage together? Definitely!

If you are living under a rock, then welcome to the rubber wedding rings revolution. These aren’t just any kind of rubber rings, but silicone rings made from medical grade silicone and evolved to a very high degree of sophistication and design by leading brands like Groove Rings, Enos, Qalo and Thunderfit.

Silicone rubber wedding rings can hold a wedding together much better than traditional rings, if you both are into the active or outdoors life. And if either of you are in active service or your work requires your hands, or you are a firefighter, then if will keep you committed and protected too.

Rubber wedding rings are safe for anyone to wear, even if you are in active service, in the police force, the army, or are a firefighter, or work with your hands near machinery. These rings save you from terrible injury that can be inflicted on your finger in case of ring avulsion. This is the accident resulting from your metal ring getting snagged and ripping the skin and flesh off your finger because of the force with which it is yanked off.

These injuries can be so severe that you lose your finger. If you work with electricity then a metal ring is even more dangerous as it conducts electricity. That is where a rubber ring made from medical grade silicone comes in. These silicone rings are non conducting, hypoallergenic and break away in case they get snagged, saving your finger from any injury or harm.

With leading brands like Groove rings taking the silicone rings on to innovative new levels, you now get rings that are breathable and some that won’t stretch even if you do daily workouts or are into heavy exercising. Custom silic9one rings are also becoming very popular, which allow you to create a custom design for the ring or even engrave a name on it.

The kind of aesthetics that these rings are coming up with make them even more attractive than traditional metal rings with stones on them. Another great area where people prefer these rings, is in the outdoors or while doing any physical activity. Losing a traditional wedding ring means losing something of great value, usually in the thousands of dollars. A rubber wedding ring costs between a couple of dollars to a maximum of around 40 dollars.

That means if you do lose these silicone wedding rings, you can easily replace them. In fact, you can wear different rings with different clothing styles. Stackable silicone rings add another dimension of style for women.

We highly recommend that you try these out if you are even a little bit inconvenienced by metal rings. Say, the worry about losing your ring when you go for a swim, or the hassle of taking them off when you go into the gym. You can wear these rings all the time and they are so light and comfortable that you will forget that you are even wearing them.

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