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Enso Unicorn Ring Review

The Enso Unicorn Ring is a part of their Legends series, that has rings inspired by Legendary mythical beings. The most popular in the series is the Unicorn ring, while another popular option is the Mermaid ring.

Unicorn ring styles and material

The Unicorn ring is a beautiful shell white in color, quite like the pristine white of the mythical unicorn. It is made from a very high quality silicone and top quality materials, in their headquarters in Utah. All Enso rings are strictly USA made and therefore guarantee the highest standards of quality, material and workmanship.

This Unicorn Enso ring is available in three styles, Classic, Thin and Halo. The Halo style is the thinnest one offered by Enso rings.

Take a look at the Classic Unicorn Legends Ring below.

W 6.6 mm H 1.75 mm

Take a look at the Thin Unicorn Legends Ring below.

W 4.3 mm H 1.75 mm

Take a look at the Halo Unicorn Legends Ring below.

W 2.54 mm H 1.5 mm

Size of the Legends series Unicorn rings

The size of the Classic Unicorn Legends ring is width 6.6 mm and height 1.75 mm, the Thin is 4.3 mm in width and 1.75 mm in height. In comparison the size of the Halo Unicorn Legends ring is width 2.54 mm and thickness 1.5 mm.

That makes the Halo Unicorn ring the thinnest and with the lowest profile. It can be worn on its own to give a very minimalist look, or in combination with any other ring, or even another Unicorn ring.

Enso guarantees fabulous quality as well as top notch workmanship. It comes with a Lifetime warranty, that covers rips, breaks, tears, and discoloration.

All the Legends rings are endowed with a glow that gives them the special mythical and Legendary quality. This shine is what makes the Enso Unicorn ring also something special.

Almost everyone who has purchased the Unicorn ring has great things to say about them.  

Testimonials from verified buyers of the Unicorn rings

One verified buyer said that the Unicorn Enso ring was absolutely perfect. She got compliments for it, and the ring was lightweight and very comfortable. She said that she had a busy working lifestyle, and the Unicorn ring was so intuitive and comfortable that she would never be distracted by it. It was like as she wasn’t wearing the ring at all, yet it was so beautiful and stylish.

Another buyer, who said that she starts getting impatient for the and order from the moment that she orders it, said that she loved how fast the delivery was. After a month of wearing it, she said that she hadn’t taken it off even once and was very happy with it. She washes her hands compulsively and also uses oils and creams, and the ring was absolutely perfect, without a problem in any way.

Another user found the ring to be a very comfortable and great fit. She had ordered another Enso ring before and it was the wrong size, but she got a replacement almost immediately without any hassles. That was why she wanted to buy more and was terribly pleased with her Unicorn Legends ring. You will find more information about Enso rings here.

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