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Snowmobile Covers

Get your Top 10 Best Snowmobile Covers here – All the Bestsellers

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Check out the Top 10 Best Snowmobile Covers of 2019, which are also the latest bestsellers. When you choose one of these Snowmobile Covers you not only choose the best, you also get the best price.

The basic purpose of a snowmobile cover is to protect your snowmobile from the elements when it is not being used. A snowmobile cover is meant to keep your snowmobile dry and safe from wind, ice, snow, or sleet. All snowmobile covers are made of water proof materials, and polyester is one of the popular choices of material. Some covers also have extra protection through a polyurethane backing. When looking for a snowmobile cover, you should try and chose a good material that is also UV resistant. Some snowmobile covers have buckles, and if you choose one of these, try and get a cover with buckles made from plastic instead of a metal that can corrode and damage the cover. Your choice of cover also depends on the size of your snowmobile. Some snowmobiles might require a longer than regular cover. The snowmobile cover has bindings to keep it from flapping in the wind or blowing off, and these are either elastic or drawstrings. These bindings need to be strong and well integrated with the cover. Your most important consideration should be the durability and quality of the material and the overall construct. Good quality material and good workmanship will ensure a long lasting cover for your snowmobile. Another important point is the warranty of the snowmobile cover. Ensure that it has a good warranty and clear terms and conditions.

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!

No. 1 – Classic Accessories 71837 Snowmobile Travel Cover

An endurable snowmobile cover made of ProtekXTM extreme fabric. It has elastic hem cord for a compact fit, composed trailering system, built-in adjustable straps, tension panels to secure the snowmobile for travel, survives the toughest snowfall and is highly durable.

  • A popular and high quality snowmobile cover that protects from extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy-duty ProtekX Extreme fabric
  • Comes in three sizes that fit most snowmobiles
  • Elastic hem cord for a fast and tight fit
  • Integrated trailering system with built-in quick adjusting straps
  • Tension panels tightly secure cover for highway travel

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No. 2 – Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

A rough and tough snowmobile cover that prevents dust, rain, snow, sun, dirt and other things. It is made of long lasting material, elastic hem for a complete and bounded coverage, breathable material used to avoid mold or mildew and comes with a storage bag.

  • The Budge Sportsman is a robust snowmobile cover fits snowmobiles 145 inches in length x 51 inches in width x 48 inches in height
  • This snowmobile cover is made from a heavy duty material that will provide long lasting protection to your snowmobile
  • This snowmobile cover is 100% waterproof and will defend against rain, sun, snow, dirt and more
  • This cover features an elasticized hem to help keep your cover secure to your snowmobile
  • A storage bag is included so you can easily store away your snowmobile cover when it is not in use

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No. 3 – Rain-X 805452 X-Large Snowmobile Cover
151 Reviews

No. 3 – Rain-X 805452 X-Large Snowmobile Cover

This is the snowmobile you were looking for with seven years of warranty. It has security starps that do not corrode, elastic ends for great fit, covers snowmobiles of 125 inches, water resistant, UV protection, breathable material, elastic hem, ultrasonic seams and storage bag for a safe storing.

  • This Rain-X snowmobile cover comes with a 7 year warranty, which is among the very best warranties in snowmobile covers
  • This cover has security straps with non-corrosive buckles
  • Elasticized bottom for a tight fit
  • Handy storage bag
  • Fits snowmobiles up to 125 inches
  • Fabric will not scratch vehicle surface
  • Water resistant, breathable UV protection

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No. 4 – Rage Powersports 113 inch Snowmobile Cover

A snowmobile cover that has a rear reflective triangle to offer visibility during trailering. It has elastic hem for tight fit, security tie-down straps, made with endurable 300D black polyester that is waterproof and 600D silver polyester. It has dual air vents and to get to the fuel tank a rear zippper.

  • The Rage snowmobile cover is an extreme protection cover
  • Fits snowmobiles up to 113

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No. 5 – Raider SX-Series Snowmobile Cover
1,338 Reviews

No. 5 – Raider SX-Series Snowmobile Cover

A tough protective layer for your snowmobile saves it from external agents. This snowmobile cover is made of polyester fabric, stitched twice, strengthened seams, UV resistant, elastic hem for close-fitting and a storage bag along.

  • The Raider SX Series are weather and UV resistant snowmobile covers
  • Durable polyester fabric construction with double-stitched reinforced seams
  • Raider-certified premium weather protection
  • Complete with UV-protective coatings/sealants
  • Elastic hem provides snug fit
  • Storage bag included

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No. 6 – Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

This cover almost makes your snowmobile immune from other factors that can damage it. The cover is specifically made so that it can be used while trailering, completely waterproof, elasticized hem for total coverage and covers snowmobiles of 115 inch in length, 51 inch in width and 48 inch in height.

  • This Budge Sportsman snowmobile cover is available in three size. The medium size cover fits snowmobiles 115 inches length, 51 inches width and 48 inches heights; large size cover fits snowmobiles 130 inches length, 51 inches width and 48 inches heights; extra large size cover fits snowmobiles 145 inches length, 51 inches width and 48 inches heights
  • This snowmobile cover is designed to be used while trailering, so you can cover your snowmobile on the road
  • This waterproof snowmobile cover will keep your vehicle safe from harmful outdoor elements like rain, snow, dust, dirt and more
  • This cover features an elasticized hem to help keep your cover secure to your snowmobile
  • A storage bag is included so you can easily store away your snowmobile cover when it is not in use

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No. 7 – SBU Trailerable Snow Machine Sled Cover

This trailerable snowmobile cover is made from modified material of 600 Denier. It has hood liner inside, fully elastic bottom for satisfactory fit, access door for fuel tank, heavy-duty trailering system and made of woven polyester material.

  • This SBU snowmobile cover is suited for Arctic Cat ZR 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000-2006.
  • This cover is black in color and the package includes a Trailerable Snowmobile cover and a storage bag.
  • Our snowmobile covers are manufactured from technologically advanced 600 Denier, woven polyester material to protect your snowmobile all year round.
  • This cover has a fully elastic bottom for secure fit and to to keep the cover in place, plus it is equipped with heavy-duty traileing system ans fuel tank access door.
  • Equipped with hood liner on the inside.
  • Designed for Storage and Trailering purposes

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No. 8 – Raider DT-Series Premium Snowmobile Storage
135 Reviews

No. 8 – Raider DT-Series Premium Snowmobile Storage

A snowmobile cover that is durable and attractive. It is made of long lasting fabric structure, weatherproof fabric that is water resistant, UV resistant, avoids mildew, double sewn seams at all necessary stress points, deluxe shock cords for perfect fit and coverage along with towing straps.

  • Premium heavy-duty polyester fabric construction
  • Complete weatherproof fabric - water / mildew / UV-resistant
  • Double-sewn reinforced seams at all stress points
  • Deluxe sewn-in shock cords allows adjustment for snug fit
  • Complete with adjustable hold-down / towing straps

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No. 9 – Epic EP-7706 EX-Series Snowmobile Storage Cover

This snowmobile cover is made out of endurable polyester fabric. Complete prevention from snow, dust, weather and sun, sewn-in elastic cord, 106 inch in length, 28 inch in wide and 44.5 inch in height. Also comes with a storage bag.

  • Durable polyester fabric construction
  • Protect your snowmobile when not in use from moisture, dust, weather and sun
  • Double stitched, reinforced seams
  • Sewn-in elastic cord provides a custom fit
  • The cover is designed for snowmobiles that are 106 inches x 28 inches x 44.5 inches
  • This snowmobile cover comes with a convenient storage bag

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Snowmobile Covers that you should buy - Based on reviews of actual buyers


Securing your snowmobile when you are not riding it is critical to spare yourself and the snowmobile from the misery of gathering dust and from the climate from harming it. Figuring out what cover to purchase for your snowmobile is as difficult as choosing the right automobile. You have to know whether the cover will accommodate your sledge, so when looking for a sledge cover it is important to consider how you will utilize the cover. The most fundamental thing to ask yourself is, would you like to utilize the cover while pulling your sledge on your trailer or just while putting it away. A few covers are intended to be used while trailering your sledge and some are mostly just protection.

We invested weeks scouring Amazon for snowmobile covers with the best customer reviews so you don't need to, and put together reviews of snowmobiles that will give you a very good idea of the quality and actual user opinion and feedback on these snowmobile covers.

Waterproof Snowmobile Cover by North East Harbour 105” to 125” review

Waterproof Snowmobile Cover by North East Harbour review

This cover is made from durable material which is stretchable enough to fit most sizes. The cover is a great purchase at the price point and many users are satisfied with the quality of the product. One of the reviewers got it for summer stockpiling, and for trailering a couple of times each year. As mentioned by him, it has enough snares and ties to keep it secure. It has a flexible line around the base, although the texture is not as durable as the other covers he bought, however, it holds.

Another user utilized these on a couple of snowmobiles that sit outside under his deck in climatic conditions that reach 0 degree F. His sledges start up fine each time, showing no indications of the components getting frozen. The material feels strong and they remain set up.

On the other side of the spectrum, some users did not have a great experience. One user's cover did not last 50 miles before it was completely destroyed. The cover was purchased in October and first utilized in December when it snowed and it was totally demolished on the first use. The unit was out of warranty and hence the user was left without any options but to lament the purchase. Others feel that the product is low quality and it all falls to pieces as though the sewing machine didn't work.

Epic EP-7706 EX-Series Snowmobile Cover Review


The strong polyester texture ensures your snowmobile is well secured from dampness, residue, climate and sun, when not being used. It has twofold sewing, fortified creases which are sewn-in using a flexible string to give a custom fit. One of the best things is that it includes a carry pack.

A user purchased this to keep the street grime that generally makes its way into the clamshell off his sledge, and it worked like magic for him. He wouldn't suggest towing it on an open trailer, however it is lightweight, water-safe and simple to use in comparison to the other canvas covers. Many reviewers also believe that no one can beat the quality of the product they get at that price point.

Another user thinks that it is a decent enough cover essentially meant for indoor storage. Although, those searching for a decent open air cover or one for trailering, will require a costlier canvas customized for their sledge.

Although the cover is decent one user reviewed that this cover would be fine in the event that you don't have a 2up seat, however, on the off chance that you have a 2up or high windshield it won’t fit so well. He broke his mirror attempting to simply get over the high windshield just to the back seat.

Some reviewers were completely dissatisfied and found that the cover delivered did not match the description at all. It is a nylon pack that unfurls into an extensive nylon cover with a flexible rope around it to keep it on the machine. The photograph demonstrates a way better texture with ties to anchor the cover. The ties are flimsy and the material is like that of a shabby outdoor tarp. It quickly passed over of the snowmobile as there's nothing to grapple it with other than a versatile band which is super thin. Putting a few bolts in it and tieing with bungee ropes will carry out the basic purpose. However, the set-up won’t last for a whole season, let alone a few days.

Trailerable Snowmobile SBU Snow Machine Sled Cover Review


These snowmobile covers are made from innovatively progressed 600 Denier, woven polyester material to ensure your snowmobile stays protected throughout the entire year. This cover has a completely versatile base for a safe fit and to keep the cover in place, in addition to that it is outfitted with a substantial trailing framework and a fuel tank entryway. Complete with a hood liner within it. The cover is intended for both storage and trailering purposes.

This item has no bad reviews which is proof of the high quality of the product. According to most reviewers, the item is an essential buy for snowmobile owners. This cover is better than anything they could have trusted and are content with the purchase.

Another user thinks that it is an incredible cover for the price. It fits extremely well and would be useful for trailering and storage. Along with that, it is made up of rock-solid material and offers multiple options for attaching down anchors to your sledge.

snowmobile storage best tips

Tips to safely and properly store your snow mobile – sledge storage in the off season

To ensure that your next year’s ride is without any problems, and your snow mobile functions at its best, you need to take care during the storage process. These are some really useful tips to store your sledge properly for the off-season.

During the summer season, due to the higher temperatures, some components of the snowmobile experience higher levels of chemical activity and also wear and tear. Typically the batteries may deteriorate, parts of your snowmobile may wear down, like the seat covers, and even the gas may become unusable or stale etc.

The main reason why you need to store your snow mobile properly is to try and prevent and reduce any component malfunctioning in your snow mobile when you use it again the next season.

As a basic practice, when you are storing your snowmobile away, you should thoroughly clean and polish it. That is the very first step. Some people like to use pressure washers to clean their snow mobiles, and that is an effective way, however you need to careful about not aiming the jet of water at a part where there is a chance of the water breaching the insulation, seals and closed spaces and entering the snow mobile and causing rusting of components.

Another good practice is to spray paint all the scratches and spots where the paint has come off. This especially includes the bottoms of the skis of the snow mobile.

Best tips for snowmobile storage

  1. The first thing you need to do is find a good place to store your sledge. This should be a dry place with enough space around the snowmobile that you can prop it up safely on blocks. You of course need to cover it with a good snow mobile cover, which will protect it from the elements and also from small animals that may build nests int he snow mobile. 
  2. An important must do to start off your preparations for storage until the next season starts, is to get a good mixture of oil into the engine which will help in lubricating the internal parts of the engine like the bearings and the piston. To do this, start your snow mobile and then pull on the oil pump cable so that you are able to hold it open. This will make a rich mix of oil to flow into the engine parts, which in normal circumstances would never go into it to such a degree. Keeping the oil pump cable fully pulled out, run the engine of your snowmobile for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Once this is done, your snowmobile’s engine will have enough oil circulating in it.
  3. The next tip is to fill up your fuel tank completely with gas. Also add a fuel conditioner or stabilizer into the fuel so that it is preserved for the long period of storage. The reason for filling up the fuel tank is that it reduces the air in the tank and thereby prevent oxidization of the fuel, and also minimizes condensation of the fuel.
  4.  However, an important point regarding the fuel is that the carburetor needs to be emptied of any fuel as it would only evaporate and anything that is left behind will form a residue that could block the passages and the jets. This also minimizes possible problems due to low fuel air ration when you start the engine the next season.
  5. The next thing that you should do is remove the drive belt of the snow mobile. The removed drive belt has to be stored unrolled. You might question why that is important, and the answer to that is, that the drive belt when left in the same position for a long period of storage will take the shape it is in, and when you restart it, it may not operate properly. What may happen is that the drive belt would be set in the installed shape and would not rotate properly around the clutches when the snow mobile is restarted at the end of the long storage.  
  6. Next you need to remove the battery of the snowmobile. This is a very basic step for proper storage of the snowmobile for a longer period. An important point to not here is that you should keep the battery in a place away from sunlight. During this storage period the battery water level will go down, and that is a natural thing. You need to add distilled water to bring the level to the indicator line on the battery. While it is in storage you should charge it once a month with a small charge of around 2 amp/hr.
  7. The next step to take is to loosen the track tension bolts to the maximum possible. With the tension reduced the tracks will not stretch or crack during the entire storage period.
  8. Another great tip from the experts is to get a preserving oil like WD40 and coat any exposed metal surface. Use the same oil to coat all nuts, bolts, fasteners and components like these. This coating will prevent any rusting. Take note that you should not apply the oil on any plastic or rubber parts as it will cause deterioration of these parts.
  9. Lastly, use a good snow mobile protective storage cover. Also think about blocking all pipes and outlets and inlets to prevent small animals or birds trying to store nesting material there.
  10. Once all of these preparations are done, you can safely store the snow mobile until the next season. It is a good idea to store it over blocks placed under the front bumper and rear frame. This will ensure that the skis and tracks are suspended in the air.
  11. A point that we should keep in mind, and not do by mistake is – do not start the snow mobile’s engine while it is stored. This will only cause the oil to get removed from the engine. Sometimes we may think that an automobile should be started every once in a while to keep its battery charged, so we should do the same with snow mobiles. However, that is not the case with snow mobile storage – you should not start it when it is in storage. 

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