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Coffee delivering drones might soon be a reality, since IBM has just secured a patent

Drone technology has been evolving fast and they are being used in a huge variety of industries and for a wide range of applications, from emergency medical care to agriculture to the military.

IBM just invented the coffee drone


IBM however, seems to have just invented the coffee drone. A drone capable of delivering coffee to people. They have secured a patent for a drone that will be able to use various technologies like face recognition, mobile app data, Fitbit data and a load more, to identify and deliver coffee to individual people.

This does not mean that you will be seeing drones delivering your cup of coffee very soon, because the commercialisation of the technology has yet to happen. However, the possibility is definitely there.

You may be wondering why the drone should stop at coffee, and not deliver other drinks too. Well that has already been explored, and the drone can also deliver drinks to people in a bar, for instance. In fact the drone will have enough tech in it to be able to predict who needs what. If you give it permission it will access your sleep data through your Fitbit or through your calendar, or another mobile app. It can even access your medical records and find out if your medication allows you to have coffee or not. Similarly, it can check people who are ordering drinks, for too high a degree of drunkenness. It can recognise gestures like a bent sleepy head, drooping eyes etc. And even if you flag it for a drink, it would veer away. In a different scenario, it can prevent drinks being given to a minor through age recognition.

The coffee drone from IBM can very well become a reality, and it will be a smart drone that can predict if you actually need the coffee. It would work best in a restaurant, an event or any closed gathering, and will be able to deliver to the right person through various means including face recognition and mobile signal recognition.

Many people feel that this could happen real soon, while others are a bit sceptical. An expert of the food industry feels that the biggest problem will be delivering a hot liquid through the air, that could cause scalding if dropped.

However, all said and done, better and better drones are appearing every day. And overall drone tech is becoming more and more exciting. We do hope that the IBM Coffee drone serves us our coffee sometime soon.

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