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Do silicone rings come in half sizes

If you have tried out silicone rings measuring charts and sizing tools, and your ring size comes in between two sizes, or in half sizes, then you will obviously want to find a silicone ring that comes in 1/2 sizes.

The answer to your question is – silicone rings do not come in half sizes. However, there is a reason why they do not come in half sizes. Silicone is not like metal, which is absolute in its size. A typical silicone ring will adjust to your finger size and settle in over a period of time. The simple solution to someone whose finger size falls in between the sizes that a silicone ring brand offers, is to size down.

Go for the lower size and wear the silicone ring a for a few days. You will notice that the snug fit has now become a comfortable one. In case, even after a few days the silicone ring is still too tight, then you will need to wear one size larger.

You won’t need to buy new rings if your sizing goes wrong

If you are wondering if you will need to buy a second silicone ring, let us assure you that you will not need to. Almost all silicone rings come with the option of free returns if the size goes wrong. Whether you are buying premium branded silicone rings like Groove, Enso or Qalo, or more generic brands like Thunderfit, Kuaui and Roq, they all have a return policy if the ring does not fit.

With brands like Groove rings, the rings come with a 94 year guarantee, wherein they will replace your ring even if you lose it. With Enso rings too, the policy is simple, you have a lifetime warranty, that entitles you to a replacement ring if there is a defect, wrong sizing or any other problem with it.

As far as the actual returns go, we have ourselves got a completely new set of Groove rings sent to us without even returning the ones we purchased. We have also checked out innumerable reviews by buyers on Amazon, who have written that they have returned and got new rings for wrong sizes, again and again.

That is why the policy of sizing down and ordering your silicone rings, if you are in between sizes, is a very feasible one. 

Which are the brands of silicone rings that have free returns on wrong sizing

We did a survey of al the brands of silicone rings that offer free returns in case of wrong sizing. Among the premium brands, each and every one of them has free returns.

This list includes Groove Rings, Enso Rings, Qalo Rings and Saferingz.

  • Groove – 94 year money back guarantee
  • Enso – 30 days returns
  • Qalo – 60 day exchange
  • Saferingz – 30 days returns

With the other silicone rings that you can buy online, we found mention of warranty and free exchange in case of wrong sizing, for the following brands.

  • Egnaro – 30 days refund guarantee
  • ROQ – Lifetime returns warranty
  • Thunderfit – 1 year warranty (buyers said there was no problem returning wrong sized rings)
  • Saco – Sizing guarantee, free return
  • Kuaui – 90 days replacement guarantee

How do you choose the ring size when you buy online

Every brand of silicone ring has a sizing chart and other tools to help you find the best size. If you buy from the website of a brand of silicone ring, it will have a complete section for ring sizing. This usually includes a chart with rings size and the actual measurement of the rings. Some of the brands offer printable tools, which can be put around the finger to get an exact size.

If you buy from Amazon, every silicone ring listing will give you the option to choose a particular ring size, and usually the ring size also indicates the actual size in milimeters.

Silicone Ring Sample Sizing Chart

What is the size range of silicone rings

Silicone rings usually come in sizes 4 to 12. Some brands offer up to 15 size, but most brands have 12 as the maximum size.

Here are a few silicone ring brands and the ring sizes they offer. Please note that we have taken the sizes for one particular model of silicone rings, and the range can me more or less for other models from the same brand. This is just to give you a rough idea of the ring sized being offered. You should go to the particular ring model and check what sizes it is being offered in, to get the exact size range.

  • Groove – 8 to 14
  • Enso – 3 (14.5 mm) to 14 (24 mm)
  • Qalo – 3 (14.1 mm) to 16 (23.55 mm)
  • Saferingz – 4 (14.5 mm) to 18 (25.9 mm)
  • Egnaro – 6 (16.5 mm) to 14 (22.64 mm)
  • ROQ – 4 (15.3 mm) to 12 (20.6 mm)
  • Thunderfit – 4 (14.9 mm) to 15 (24.5 mm)
  • Saco – 6 (16.5 mm) to 17 (25.3 mm)
  • Kuaui – 4 to 13

How was your silicone ring size experience?

When you purchased your silicone rings, what was your experience like? Did you get the right size or had to order them again? Did you order one size down? Were you able to return wrong sized rings? What was customer service like?

Please add a comment below about your silicone ring buying experience, as it will help other readers who are planning to buy silicone rings for themselves.

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