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Why you should stop buying other hoverboards


When the world’s only hoverboard that has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has arrived, there is really no reason for you to think about buying anything other than a SwagTron.

The UL 2272 is the ultimate certification of safety and quality that any hoverboard can achieve, and it is a tough and rigorous standard. That is why no hoverboard has been certified with UL 2272 for such a long time. Swagway, which is now known as SwagTron has been ahead of the others in the market for a long time, in terms of safety and high quality components and innovativeness.

UL Tests that the SwagTron has passed to get UL 2272 Certification

Overcharge Test
Short Circuit Test
Over Discharge Test
Temperature Test
Imbalanced Charging Test

Dielectric Voltage Test
Isolation Resistance Test
Vibration Test
Shock Test
Crash Test

Drop Test
Mold Stress Test
Water Exposer Test
Thermal Cycling Test
Label Performance Test

Strain Relief Tests
Motor Overload Test
Motor Locked Rotor
20mm End Product Flame

Their first step was to secure the li-ion battery, the one thing that was causing the maximum fires. So they developed the Sentry Shield battery system, which is so safe and so secure, that it has earned a separate UL 2271 certification for itself.

The Sentry Shield battery system comprises a chamber which encases the li-ion battery. This chamber is made of aluminum and is fire-retardant as well as damage proof. And it not just any old damage proof, it is the UL 10-ton battery crush test damage proof. This makes it the world’s first electric scooter battery to pass the original UL 10-ton battery crush test. That is saying something.

But wait, we have just begun, when it comes to the enhanced, safety, features and functions of the SwagTron. The SwagTron has a whole host of features that makes it the safest and most advanced hoverboard in the market today. A quick point here, that Best Buy has for the very first time started to sell hoverboards, and they are retailing SwagTrons. Amazon is soon going to follow suit.

The SwagTron is available in two models, the T1 and the T3. The SwagTron T1 is being sold for $399 and the SwagTron T3 is being sold for $499. Both the hoverboards have the same core enhancements and features. They both have the UL 2272 certification, they both have the Smart Battery Management system that ensures that the battery never overcharges, or faces over-voltage, over-current or gets short circuited.


UL 2272 certification

UL 2271 battery 

10-ton battery crush test

Smart Battery System

Sentry Shield Battery

Safe Stop Technology

Aluminum Chamber 

Enhanced stabilization

FCC, CE, RoHs certified

UL certified charger

Prop 65 certified

Easier learning mode

Dual Motor Gear Control

Downhill Traction feature

Fire-retardant Silicone 

Fire-Retardant ABS body

Wider non-slip foot pedals

Fire-proof foot pedals

Top speed of 8 mph

Free Shipping in US

1 Year Warranty

In-built Carry Strap

Stylized Futuristic Looks

Third mode - Pro Mode

5 Level Charge Indicator

Smartphone App

HQ BlueTooth Speakers

SwagTron T1







SwagTron T3

The body of the SwagTron is made of a fire-retardant material, that is also quite sturdy. The internal components, wiring and the circuit boards are all covered with a special silicone coating that is fire retardant. The foot pads are wider and are non-slip. The LED lights indicate movement. The tires are made of a special material that gives the hoverboard extra traction. There is enhanced stabilization which makes it easier to control the hoverboard. They use Safe Stop technology that eliminates sudden stops which can throw a rider off. The overall hardware and software is enhanced and the hoverboard is smarter in many ways.

The SwagTron T3 comes with BlueTooth Quad speakers that will connect to your smartphone and play your music. It also has three modes, Learner, Standard and Advanced. In the advanced mode all speed restriction are removed, and it is meant for experts who want to enjoy the full potential of the SwagTron.

As with all SwagTron and previously Swagway hoverboards, the SwagTrons have a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. A 1 month Return Policy is also in place to enable refunds, and the SwagTron website states – “30 Day Limited Return Policy: Item must be in new/unused condition. Restocking Fees may apply.”

With so many enhancements and such a commitment to safety, it is beyond a doubt the best, most advanced and safest hoverboard available today. The SwagTron T1 at $399 is not much more than most branded hoverboards. In fact the Phunkee Duck and the IO Hawk are priced much higher, and they are definitely not UL 2272 certified. On the other end of the spectrum are the cheap unbranded hoverboards that can be picked up from eBay and Alibaba. They have dangerous fire-prone batteries, they have no warranty, they have no customer service, they have no US office, they have no safety standards, they have low quality components that can cause a fire. With all these negatives and a CPSC warning that all hoverboards are declared unsafe unless they have UL 2272 certification, it will be foolhardy to go in for one of the cheap Chinese hoverboards. No matter how big the savings. And in reality the savings will be no more $100 to $150.

Would you like to risk life, property and safety for $100? No way.

Thus, to conclude – stop buying other hoverboards, you should only go in for the UL 2272 certified SwagTron.

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