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Best Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddleboarding became popular around 2000 in California, and has now become a world wide sport and phenomena. SUP paddleboarding is done in the sea, in rivers and lakes. It has evolved into many specialized forms like Paddleboarding yoga, fishing, racing, touring and more.

How to Paddle board

Paddleboarding isn’t difficult, but it isn’t something you can pick up right away if its your first time. If you have a bought a paddle board, then you should not take it straight into the water and try and stand up on it and paddle. If you have surfing experience or are already good with water sports, then it is different, but if it is your first time with stand up paddle boarding, then you should take it step by step.

Here is a step by step guide to learn how to stand up paddleboard

Step 1 – Check the type of board you have and whether it and the actual paddle are the right size for you.

Before you take it into the water, make sure you have the right kind of paddle board. SUP boards are of four main types – All-round, Racing, Touring, Surf, Fishing and Yoga. As a beginner the best choice is the All-round paddle board as it is very versatile and can be used for almost any kind of paddleboarding.

Another tip for choosing your first paddleboard is to take one that is large, wide and thick. The bigger and wider your paddle board, the easier it will be to balance on it. For beginners it is recommended to choose an 11 feet long board that is 30 inches wide.

Choosing the right sized paddle for your stand up paddle board is also important. Here is how you can choose the right size paddle. There are actually many factors that come into play when choosing a SUP paddle like your height, arm length, athleticism, body shape, type of paddleboarding you want to do. However, you can pick the right paddle for you by trying any one the ways shown below. The original method was given by paddle board pioneer Laird Hamilton, and consists of keeping your SUP paddle perpendicular to the ground, with the paddle touching the ground, and adjusting the height of the paddle to about 4-5 inches above your head. Yes, it’s that simple, and it mostly works, but if you need to fine tune to specific activities, then you can change the yardstick accordingly. Besides these techniques, a quick thumb rule is to keep the length of the paddle about 8 inches more than your own height.

Here is how you measure the paddle with the Laird Hamilton method.

The other methods are very similar, in one you extend your arm upwards like as if you are doing a pull up, hold the paddle lower down with your other hand, and adjust the height to be comfortable to hold with your extended arm.

The next method requires you to hold the paddle with the paddle side up, and look straight at it. The point where the paddle starts should be at your eye level.

The last method requires you to make a common Hawai and surf culture sign known as the shaka or the ‘hang loose’ sign. Just make a shaka on your head, and the paddle should be equal to the level of your little finger.

Step 2 – Get all your SUP boarding gear ready

There isn’t much you need to do stand up paddle boarding, but you have to have the essentials. The main things you need are a proper paddle, a leash to stay attached to your board in case you fall, a personal floatation device, a surf hat for sun protection, proper clothing for cold weather like wet suits or dry suits and for warm weather. You should also have enough sun protection like sunscreen, sunglasses and long sleeves to protect from sun burns.

Here is a quick list of the things you need to be prepared for paddle boarding.

SUP Paddle – you should get a paddle of the right size, and preferably one that floats in water

Leash – there are different kinds of leashes of surf paddle boarding, touring, racing etc. So, choose the right kind of leash for your Sup paddle boarding.

Floatation Device – a good personal floatation device is necessary if you are not sure of your swimming, and required by law for children.

Whistle and torch – if you are planning to paddle board after sun down then you need to have a torch and a whistle to warn off any nearby boats about your presence.

Protective apparel – if the weather is warm, then get a good surf hat, swimsuit and shorts. If it is cold then go in for a light wet suit or if need a dry suit.

Sun protection – keep yourself properly protected from the sun with a protective hat, sun glasses, sun protection clothing, sun screen etc.

Step 3 – Start off in calm water with less wind to get used to the balancing

There is no need to jump straight into waves or into choppy seas and learn paddle boarding. It is better that you put your paddle board into calm water, like a clam lake, and practice standing up and using the paddle. Also, try to start in calm weather, with less wind. If there is enough wind, your Sup board can act a little like a sail and sweep you along. This will make it difficult for you to manage and balance on it.

The best way to start is to get the board into knee deep water, that is deep enough that the fins under it do not touch the floor.

Step 4 – Learn how to stand up on your SUP board

Once you are in the water with your board, the next thing to do is to lie flat on your stomach on the board, with the paddle under you. In this prone position, paddle your hands to move the board forward.

This is the starting position from where you stand up on the SUP board. The first thing to do is to raise yourself on your fours, still keeping the paddle secure under your knees so that it does not slip away.

Now locate the center of the board, which can be identified by the carry strap.

In this kneeling position, try to paddle with the SUP paddle, to get the board moving, while keeping your balance.

Next, get one foot up, so that you are in a ‘proposing’ position. Try paddling in this position while maintaining your balance.

Now slowly get on both your feet while bending at the knees. Do not stand up straight right away. Maintain your balance and get into a crouch. While crouching paddle a bit.

After paddling in this crouching position for a while, you can stand straighter, but still keeping your knees slightly bent.

The important thing is to keep the feet about shoulder width apart, and trying to keep your center of gravity low and on the board.

Now you are up on the board, and you are paddling gently.

Practice this sequence a few times till you get comfortable, and the next step is to learn how to paddle correctly.

Step 5 – Learn how to paddle the right way using the main paddling techniques

The SUP paddle seems to be something that you should be able to use intuitively, but it does need you to know the correct technique for maximum effect.

There are a few paddle strokes you need to learn and most importantly you need to know the correct way of holding the SUP paddle.

The core of using the paddle is to use it like a lever, where the hand that is holding the paddle in the middle is the point around which the paddle pivots, while the hand that is holding the top handle of the paddle is what moves the paddle.

Paddling Technique – Forward Stroke

Remember to switch the placement of the arms when you switch sides while doing the forward paddle. Also, the placement of your arms need to be about a shoulder width apart, otherwise it will become almost impossible to paddle, as too much effort will be required to pivot the paddle.

To do the forward stroke to the left of the board, start by placing your right hand on the top of the paddle, and your left hand a shoulder width below it. The idea is to use the middle of the paddle grip as a pivot to move the entire paddle by moving the top of the paddle grip back and forward.

Begin by keeping your left hand stiff, and then pull the paddle backward with your right hand. Take your right hand all the way back by rotating your shoulder forward so that you achieve the maximum stretch.

Next you have to plunge the paddle into the water, and then move your right hand forward, thereby pivoting the paddle at the grip in the middle of the paddle. Your attempt should not be to move the paddle back to the other extreme under the water, but rather to push yourself forward with the board, while the paddle stays in the same place in the water.

It is important to note that you should use your torso for moving the paddle, and not your arm. Using your arm will only use your arm muscles and tires you out quickly, while using your torso will use your larger shoulder and back muscles and you will be able to paddle for longer and with much less strain. You should keep your arms straight throughout and only move your upper body.

Once you have made a few forward strokes like this, shift to the other side, and reverse the positions of your hands. The right hand come to the middle of the paddle while the left hand goes to the top of the paddle.

You will need to keep alternating the side to keep the board in a straight course, as paddling only on one side will cause it to turn in that direction.

Practice this basic forward stroke till you get very comfortable with it.

Paddling technique – Forward Sweep Stroke for turning

While in the forward stroke you keep the paddle more or less perpendicular, the sweep requires you to move the paddle in a sweeping motion. This stroke turns to board to the left or the right depending on which side you are doing the sweep.

The idea is to move the paddle in a wide sweep so that the paddle board turns in the opposite direction. To turn the board to the left with the forward sweep, you need to place the paddle in the water on the right side. Get into a low stance and then turn your upper body to the left. Now pull the paddle in a sweep in the water towards the right, while leaning towards the left. You are swiveling the board by using your body as a pivot. The board will immediately turn to the left when you do this forward sweep.

Paddling technique – Reverse Stroke

The reverse stroke is essentially the opposite of the forward stroke. This stroke is useful for slowing down your board or tuning it. To do it while paddling to the right of the board, place the paddle in the water towards the back of the board. Now using the middle grip as pivot and using your upper arm to move the paddle, move the paddle towards the front of the board.

As with the forward stroke, you should not use just your arms to move the paddle, but use your torso, so that the larger back and shoulder muscles come into play.

This reverse stroke with the paddle to the right, will cause your board to instantly turn to the right. If you do this reverse stroke several times, your board will slow down and stop.

Step 6 – Stopping your board

There are several ways of stopping your board in the water. The common way is to do the reverse stroke and slow down and stop the board. Another method is to step backwards on your board, in effect sinking the back of the board and stopping it. This is an advanced method and should not be tried by beginners.

Step 7 – Paddling tips to help you get better

Once you start to paddle board, the aim is to become better at it, and learn new things.

You can start by imbibing Jim Terrell's 4 Paddling Principles, The Catch Phase, The Power Phase, The Exit Phase and the Recovery Phase.

The essence of each of these principles can be summed up in short sentences. Each phase is a section of the paddle boarding stroke, from the point you place the paddle into the water, to pulling the paddle out of the water and then doing the whole cycle again.

The Catch Phase is when you put your paddle in the water, and in that phase you need to really bury the blade of the paddle in the water.

The Power Phase is when you do the actual act of paddling and pulling the paddle, and in that phase you need to lean your whole body weight into the stroke to generate the maximum power.

The Exit Phase is when you pull the paddle out of the water, and in this phase you need to pull out the blade just around your feet or just behind it, and not too far behind.

The Recovery Phase is the stage where you take the paddle back to its starting point, and in this phase you need to keep the blade close to the water.

Next you should keep these great tips from the pros in mind

Keep your back mostly straight and bend your legs, use your legs and avoid rolling your back.

Keep a loose grip in the middle of the paddle, this will help you adjust to the right position, get better reach.

Stretch your arms as much into the stroke as possible and use your body weight with every movement.

Now that you know the fundamentals and expert tips of paddle boarding, it’s time to go out there and have a fabulous time.

Top 10 Best Paddle Boards 2019 - Top Sellers

Choosing the right paddle board, or stand up paddle boards as it is also called, depends on what you want it for - moving on flat water, touring, racing, surfing or for yoga/fitness. Each type of board is suited for a different activity, so you should choose the right kind to be able to do what you intend to. For example, the yoga stand up paddle board will be wider than the other paddleboards giving you more stability, while you practice your postures as the paddle board takes you gliding over the still waters of a lake. Choose from the wide range of Top 10 Best SUP available right here!


Inflatable paddleboards are easy to store as they can be deflated and set aside. Made of durable PVC material with sturdy drop stitch construction, these paddle boards come with a pump. Solid paddle boards or solid stand up boards, have a foam interior surrounded by a fiberglass shell. These are heavier paddle boards, which give great stability, but may not be suitable for greater speed. So make the right choice and head out to the water!

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!

1. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • End Of Season Sale!! Roc Paddle Boards Premium Inflatable Paddle Board is Made Of The Highest Quality Military Grade Material. Providing The Most Durable Lightweight Board On The Market.
  • Our Extra Wide Design Creates An Incredible All Around Board for All Skill Levels. Boards Can Be Used In The Ocean Or Fresh Water Lakes and Rivers. Boards Are 10'5" Long x 32" wide and 6 " thick! With a Maximum Weight Limit of 275lbs.
  • Our Premium Paddle Board Package Has Everything You Need To Enjoy Your Day On The Water. Packages Come With Your-- Board, Paddle (premium alloy paddle that floats) a Leash, Pump, Waterproof Cell And Key Bag And A Premium Backpack!
  • You’re Going To Be So Satisfied With Our Boards That As A Thank You We Will Provide A 1 Year Warranty Absolutely Free To You. That’s a $50 value free!

2. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • WIDE SUP DESIGN – The SereneLife stand up paddling board is 10’ long and provides 30” of deck width for improved stability and balance while standing
  • SUPERIOR MANEUVERABILITY – The triple bottom panel fins help board improve overall speed, handling and steering for easier use by kids, teens and adults alike.
  • NON-SLIP SOFT TOP DECK – Great for beginners, our paddleboard is made for early learning and for less accidents or injuries should you fall—happens to us all
  • INFLATABLE & PORTABLE – Take your paddleboard with you wherever you go! It quickly inflates or deflates for easy storage, making it ideal for the lake, river or ocean
  • COMPLETE PADDLEBOARD KIT – Every SereneLife Paddle Board also comes with paddling essentials, including a coiled ankle cuff safety leash, oar Pedal, manual air pump, patch repair accessory kit, and convenient storage bag!

3. Lifetime Horizon 100 Stand-Up

  • EVA deck covering for increased traction
  • Front deck bungee for accessible storage
  • Hull rails designed for maximum stability on the water - 230 lb. Weight capacity
  • Perfect for entry-level and intermediate paddlers
  • Center carry handle for easy Transport to waterfront

4. FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33"×6" Ultra-Light

  • NEW ULTRA LIGHT CONSTRUCTION DUAL LAYER PVC – 35% lighter than comparable models. Inflated 10’6" long 33" wide 6" thick, weight 17.6 lbs, maximum capacity is up to 300 lbs, stable and great for all skill levels and conditions.
  • ULTRA DURABLE - constructed with additional PVC layer of board rails are highly strengthened the board durability.
  • SAFETY & CONVENICE - 33'' board width and 3 removable fins construction achieved amazing balance ability.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDING - board, adjustable aluminum paddle, high pressure pump, travel backpack, coil leash,waterproof bag, and 3 removable fins.
  • 60 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS - Risk free returns within 30 days.

5. Aqua Plus 10ft6inx33inx6in Inflatable SUP

  • Ultra Portable : Deflated it's only 1 foot in diameter by 37". Inflated size : 10'6" length, 33" wide and 6" Thick. Weight 20lbs, Maximum capactiy is up to 330lbs, Stable and great for all skill levels and conditions. Aqua Plus board provide excellent glides for cruising, fitness, fishing, and exploring.
  • Rigid Design : It feels very similar to a hard board.The board is made of Military Ultra Light PVC Drop Stitch Fabric. Constructed with additional PVC layer of board rails are highly strengthened the board.
  • Deck Features : 5mm Comfort diamond groove traction for grip. 11pcs of 316Stainless Steel D-Rings and bungee on front deck for storage.
  • Complete Package : Board, Fully adjustable aluminium paddle measures from 65-82inches long, Navigator ISUP travel backpack, Shoulder Strap, Coiled leash, TPU waterproof bag, Removable fin, Double Action Pump : during the 1st phase of the inflation use double action:clip closed,Fig.1, when the pressure arrives to a relatively higher value, use single action:clip open:Fig.2.

6. Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP

  • Rigid & Durable: It feels very similar to a hard board. The board is made of high grade PVC material with Korean Drop-Stitch construction, it's built to last.
  • Inflatable & Portable: Deflated it's only 1 foot in diameter by 36"
  • Deck Features: Comfort diamond groove traction for grip,11 stainless D-Rings and bungee on front deck for storage.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty covers workmanship and material.
  • Complete Package: Board, Pump with Integrated pressure gauge, 3-Piece Aluminum paddle, Removable carry Strap, Leash and Backpack

7. FunWater Inflatable Stand Up

  • NEW ULTRA LIGHT CONSTRUCTION DUAL LAYER PVC Inflated 11' long 33" wide 6" thick, weight 17.6 lbs, maximum capacity is up to 330 lbs, stable and for all skill levels and conditions.
  • ULTRA DURABLE Constructed with additional PVC layer of board rails are highly strengthened the board durability.
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE 33'' board width and 3 removable fins construction achieved amazing balance ability.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDING Board, adjustable aluminum paddle, high pressure pump, travel backpack, coil leash, repair kit, 10 L waterproof dry bag, and 3 removable fins.
  • 60 DAY GUARANTEE and 1 YEAR ON MATERIALS Risk returns within 30 days.

8. Freein SUP Inflatable Stand Up

  • Freein inflatable stand up paddle board are constructed of high quality drop stitch fabric .This material has proven to have no pin hole leaks,no cracking, and no air bubbles on the surface.It is also UV resistant and unaffected by weather(excesses of heat, cold or humidity),fuel, oil, sunlight, or everyday abrasion. Maximum inflation pressure 26 psi
  • Hand pump for fast and comfortable inflation just 3 minutes. max. pressure 26psi. 3 Diamond grooving grip pad on top. Removable Center fin, no tools needed.
  • Diamond grooving grip pad on top. Removable Center fin, no tools needed.
  • High pressure value is designed to be with drop stitch, with protective mesh. Backpack with easy entry zipper, padded straps, belt and accessory compartments for effortless packing and transportation
  • Free returns for 30 days, and a full 2-Year Warranty. We offer FBA-fast delivery so you can get our product very quickly!

9. ISLE 10'5" Versa | Rigid Stand Up

  • SPECS – 10’5” x 32” x 4.5” | 175 liters of volume to support beginner paddlers up to 245 pounds | Board weight of just 27 pounds.
  • ALL-AROUND SUP DESIGN – Our most versatile paddle board is rigid and stable for riders of all skill levels | Perfect for activities like flatwater paddling, surfing, yoga, fishing, and more.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – New thermal molded technology eliminates waste in the construction process and creates an eco-friendlier epoxy board that’s both lightweight and ultra-durable, yet stylish in design.
  • INCLUDES FULL ACCESSORY BUNDLE – Each paddle board comes with all the gear you need to get on the water: Carbon hybrid adjustable SUP paddle with nylon blade, 8’ coil leash, and nylon touring center fin.
  • 60 DAY RIDE AND LOVE IT GUARANTEE – Ride it and love it or return it! If you don’t love your Versa stand up paddle board, we will take it back. We stand behind every product we make.

10. Aquaplanet 10ft 6" x 15cm PACE Stand Up Paddleboard 

  • ALL AGES - Versatile all-rounder inflatable stand up paddle board with incredible stability for all beginners and families
  • ALL WATERS - Suitable for use in lakes, rivers, canals & choppier seas , use for touring, yoga, surfing and racing, with a more pointed shape, perfect for cutting into waves
  • CONVENIENT & COMPACT - Paddleboard assembles easily in just under 10 minutes, Just inflate to 15Psi for a super rigid board.
  • GREAT VALUE - Superb quality at an unbeatable price
  • COMPLETE - No need for any extras, this set has all you need to get the SUP Bug !

Review of SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up PaddleBoards

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How to choose a Paddleboard - buying guide

Here's what you need to know to choose a stand up paddleboard for yourself or your kids

A SUP board comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You will have seen the mind boggling variety on online stores. Before you even try to figure out what will be a good choice for you, you need to know that the choice you make not only effects how much you will enjoy yourself in the water but also your safety.

So, it is important that you make an informed choice.

One of the first things to see before buying a SUP paddleboard is your final use of the board. Where and for what purpose will you or anyone else, be using it for. Will you use it just for family recreation on calm lake water, or will you be going on longer paddleboarding trips along rivers and streams, or will you be using them to surf waves in the ocean.

According to their different uses paddleboards are of four main types – surfing paddleboards, racing paddleboards, touring boards and all-round paddleboards.

Surfing Paddleboard

The surfing paddleboards are shaped differently from the others. They are shorter, have more curve from the nose to the tail, something that is known as rocker, and are also narrower at the tail and nose portions. Due to these design features, the surf paddleboards are great for surfing waves. However, what makes them great for surfing waves, also makes them a lot less stable than the other kinds of SUP boards. And in flat water, these surf paddleboards are considerably slower thant he other kinds of SUP boards.

Touring Paddleboard

The touring paddleboards as the name suggest are good for longer and calmer tours on the paddleboard. These boards are long and are pointed towards the nose end. The features of the touring paddelboards make them excellent for flat and choppy water. In flat water, these boards glide much more efficiently. And for longer trips, these boards usually have the facility to store gear or accessories on them.

Racing Paddleboard

The third kind of SUP boards are the race boards. These boards are pretty similar to touring boards, with the main difference being, that they are narrower in width and are usually longer. This design characteristic makes them move extremely fast through the water, however it also makes these boards considerably less stable than other boards. Racing Sup boards are suitable for paddlers who are basically interested in racing, and should essentially be bought by paddleboard racing enthusiasts.

All-round Paddleboard

The largest segment and the best selling Sup boards are the all-round boards. As the name suggest they are all-rounders that can be used for almost every kind of paddleboarding but are ideal for recreational paddleboarding for the whole family.

The all-round paddleboards are longer and wider versions of surf boards. They are also thicker than surfing paddleboards. In comparison to touring boards, however they are not as thick or as long. That means they are somewhere in between race and touring paddelboards. Their characteristics allow these boards to deliver a great balance of stability and performance and also makes them very versatile. These boards are the most preferred ones for everyday recreational paddleboarding on flat water. And, there lies the biggest segment of paddleboards.

Another great thing about all-round SUP boards is that they can be slightly altered and designed like other kinds of boards too. There are all-round boards that are made with the surf board design, and they can be used for paddleboarding in flat water and also for surfing waves. All round boards are also designed to be used for other activities like paddleboard yoga, and for fitness purposes and for fishing.

What size of paddleboard?

The second most important factor to consider when choosing a paddleboard is the right size of board. The best way to determine the size is by taking into account the volume of the paddleboard. The volume takes into account the length, width and thickness of the paddleboard.

Every paddleboard has some volume, and as a general rule you should know that the more volume a paddleboard has, and the wider it is, the more stable it will be. With the increase in volume there is increase in stability, but there is also a decrease in manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

You have to decide the right size or volume paddleboard for the person who will be using it. All paddleboards come with clearly defined information about its length, width and thickness. They also come with information of what the maximum weight of a person riding it can be. You need to choose a board that will be able to accommodate the weight of the largest person who will be using the paddleboard. In general it is better to get a higher volume board than a lower volume board, as a lighter person will be able to use a bigger paddleboard, but a heavier persons will find it difficult to use a smaller paddleboard.

The budget factor

Of course the final criteria is the price. Your budget will deice a lot of things. When it comes to the price of a SUP paddleboard, the price is heavily dependent on the construction and material of the paddleboard. The construction of the paddleboard also determines the overall performance, durability, weight and looks of the paddleboard. If you take a look at an online store you will generally see paddleboards that start from a price of around $500 and goes up to considerably more than even $2500. If you spend more money you will get better performance and also the weight of the paddleboard will decrease.

When you do choose a paddleboard, be sure to choose an appropriate paddle, which is either made from carbon, fiberglass , aluminium or wood. The lighter paddles made from carbon and fiberglass float in the water, but not all paddles float. You also need to choose the right life jacket and leash for your paddleboard.

As a final tip, if you can actually try out a paddleboard before buying it, it will be the best way to choose. However, if you cannot, just keep all of these points in mind and you should be able to choose the right one.

Driftsun Stand-up Paddleboard Review

If you want a great inflatable SUP (stand-up paddleboard) without having to go through the entire process of reading reviews, considering expert opinions, assessing your needs and other such things, then you can cut it all out and choose a paddleboard that is a proven high performer and extremely reliable - the Driftsun Stand-up Paddleboard.

The inflatable paddleboards have revolutionized the paddleboarding arena thanks to eliminating the difficulties with hard board paddleboards. It is very difficult to manage a full sized hard board paddle board, but with the inflatable SUPs coming into the market, that has become a non-issue.

The Driftsun SUP does everything that a hardboard paddleboard does and then goes and fits itself into a regular backpack. Isn't that quite awesome.

Maybe that the reason why inflatable paddleboards are not more in demand than the hardboard traditional paddlebaords. The Dirftsun is made from military grade PVC and can handle upto 350 lbs of weight. Also it has 5 D rings and two removable side fins and a detachable center fin.

The Driftsun also features Soft Anti-skid EVA pad that gives very secure footing. It comes with a 7 feet long fiberglass paddle and is 10 feet in length.

The construct and quality of the board is excellent. It is made from military grade PVC and its construction is once again really strong thanks to industry grade drop stitching. The Driftsun is a really tough and well made Inflatable paddleboard.

The perfromance of the is good,a nd it is an excellent paddelboard for recreational purposes, and you cannot consider it to be racing board material.

It has been made for stability and good handling, and is easy for beginners to tackle. We would recommend this SUP to anyone who wants to enjoy paddleboarding.


Last update on 2024-04-22 at 02:26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Review of Peak 11' expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with adjustable paddle, travel backpack and coil leash


If you are looking for a strong family stand up paddle board that will not ding and scratch easily and that has everything you need to enjoy great paddle boarding, then go in for the Peak 11' Expedition Stand Up Paddle Board.

This hardy paddle board which is equally good for fresh water and salt water, supports up to 350 lbs. That means you can have another person on it or a pet even.

The other great thing about this stand up paddle board is that when deflated it becomes a small compact size that fits into the included backpack. It only becomes 36 inches X 15 inches X 9 inches in size and weight just 30 lbs.

You get a great hand pump with this SUP that takes only 5 to 7 minutes to inflate the paddle board. Of course if you want an electric pump that can also be used through a valve adapter that you will have to get separately.

Also included in the package is an adjustable 3 Piece Alloy Paddle Nylon Blade which floats on water. A coil ankle leash that is 10 ft in length is also included, besides a water proof mobile pouch.

The 5 Best Paddle Boards for Beginners

Paddleboarding has grown in popularity thanks to the introduction of the inflatable board. There are more than 3 million active in the sport.

The recreational user numbers are growing at 15% a year. Beginners may get overwhelmed by the specializations of the best paddleboard options.

The best paddle boards for beginners are capable of use in a wide variety of water conditions. If you are thinking about trying SUP, you need to consider these boards.

1. iROCKER CRUISER Inflatable

The iRocker is a leader in the market for beginner SUP boards. It is the only board on the market that comes with a triple action high capacity hand pump.

The board is one of the most rigid with 7 layer construction. It comes with the essentials including paddle, pump, leash, and carry bag.


2. THURSO SURF Waterwalker

The Thurosurf is one of the best SUP for beginners because of its versatility. Three removable fins on the bottom you and the board adapt to different water conditions.

Use one fin for speed on the smooth water. Use three fins for maneuverability in choppy water.

Beginners with no equipment will appreciate the included paddle, pump, and carry case. A cooler and waterproof cell phone case is also included.


3. NIXY All Around Inflatable

The NIXY is the most affordable best paddle board for beginners. Max capacity on this board is 300 pounds, perfect for the bigger riders.

These boards use the most advanced technology called Fusion Laminated Dropstitch. This technology creates an ultra-light yet sturdy board.

The board comes with a pump, paddle, and ankle leash. Traveling is easy with the heavy-duty three-wheeled backpack.


4. TOWER Inflatable 10'4"

The Tower Adventurer has the perfect dimensions for paddle boards for beginners. Its 10'6 length, 32" width, and 6" thickness make it stable for any purpose.

The non-slip soft top provides a stable and secure platform for beginners. This board also comes with a complete kit. You will get a paddle, pump, grooved deck pad, removable center fin, and carry strap.


5. SharkSups Inflatable

If you are under 150 pounds, SharkSups boards are the best paddle board brand. It will take some practice to get the hang of balancing this board because of the pointed tail.

That pointed tail makes turning a breeze. The rocker, or space between the nose curve and the tail is huge. This will make the board perfect for water with a chop.

This board comes with the complete package of accessories. You can then upgrade them as you progress.


Best Paddle Boards for Beginners

Inflatable paddle boards have opened up the sport to a whole new group of enthusiasts. The best paddle boards for beginners come with everything needed to get started.

The iRocker comes with a power pump and 7 level construction. Beginners going on a variety of water conditions should consider the Thurosurf.

Nixty offers a board perfect for those heavier riders. The tower inflatable provides the most stability with a wide and non-slip deck.

SharkSup's board is perfect for the lighter users. Whichever board you decide on, look for one that fits you and your intended use.

If a SUP isn't fast enough for you, check out this surfboard that can go 25 mph over water.

Editor's Choice 10 Best inflatable stand up paddle board

Many feel that inflatable stand up paddle boards are going to be the most popular in the future, and they are not wrong. The iSUPs or inflatable stand up paddle boards have several major advantages over the traditional epoxy paddle boards. Two that clearly stand out are - Inflatable SUPs are much easier to carry around and transport and they cost less than traditional paddle boards. If you are experienced with paddle boards you will know that there is a third type of paddle board too, the soft top paddle board. These paddle boards have a soft front deck but their core is made from harder material, usually of Expanded Polystyrene or EPS. 

There are many inflatable SUPs available in the market today from a bunch of brands, ranging in quality from good to average. In this section, I will go into 10 of the best iSUPs you can buy today, and review them. I will share their main pros and cons and their key features, so that you can make a better and more informed decision when choosing one for yourself.

Here is a quick list of the best inflatable paddle boards:

Inflatable Paddle Board




Atoll Inflatable 11' SUP

best inflatable stand up paddle board atoll

19 lbs/

300 lbs

iRocker Cruiser 10'6 iSUP

inflatable stand up paddle board irocker

24 lbs/

350 lbs

Isle Airtech 12' Explorer

isle airtech stand up inflatable paddleboard

24 lbs/

300 lbs

Xterra 10' iSUP Board

inflatable SUP xterra

29 lbs/

250 lbs

Ten Toes Weekender 10'

best stand up paddle board ten toes weekender

29 lbs/

275 lbs

Tower Adventurer 2 iSUP 10'4

tower adventurer inflatable stand up paddle board review

26 lbs/

400 lbs

Tower Adventurer 9' 10 SUP

tower adventurer inflatable stand up paddle board review

24 lbs/

350 lbs

Isle Airtech 10'6 Inflatable SUP

best stand up paddle board isle air tech 10 feet 6 inches review

21 lbs/

240 lbs

PEAK Inflatable Paddle Board 10'6

peak inflatable SUP best

19 lbs/

300 lbs

Atlantis Paddle Board 10'6

atlantis SUP stand up paddleboard

35 lbs/

398 lbs

Now we will take a closer look at these paddle boards and give you the pros and cons, as well as an overview of each inflatable paddle board. Hopefully it will give you enough information to compare a few suitable paddle boards and finally go in for one.

1. Atoll Inflatable SUP – Review of the well known brand Atoll Board Company's paddle board


The Atoll inflatable paddle board come from a very well respected and reputable company, the Atoll Board Company. These popular paddle boards are made from the very latest tech and have been carefully crafted to be both lightweight and extremely durable. If you compare with other boards in the same category, the Atoll inflatable paddle boards are about 30% lighter. It is the view of may aficionados that Atoll stand up inflatable paddle boards are more rigid than other competing boards.

Another great thing about the Atoll Sup is that you don’t need to buy any other accessories with it, the board comes with everything that is needed for stand up paddle boarding. The Atoll SUP pack comes with a durable and lightweight 3-piece paddle, and all the other accessories that you would have had to by otherwise. Along with the board you also get nose and tail bungee tie-downs, a good quality hand pump for inflating the SUP, a repair kit, fins that are removable and do not need tools, a paddle board leash and a backpack. The heavy duty backpack has been designed for the Atoll paddle board and all of the rest of the gear that comes with it.

All Atoll inflatable paddle boards are made from really high quality material and their construction is extremely high quality too. This makes the boards amongst the best available, and they are not only stronger and lighter, they are also very rigid. Atoll is based in California, and they have built a solid reputation of creating SUP boards that are a notch above others, at a reasonable price.

This particular board is 11 feet long and 32 inches wide, which makes it ideal for every kind of paddle boarding right from SUP Yoga to touring SUP.

Here is a look at the features of the Atoll SUP and the positive and negative points about it.

Features of the Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board

  • This board is made with ultra light PVC and uses advanced construction tech. It incorporates the new fusion light construction and has dual layer PVC in it.
  • It is lighter than most paddle boards it size at just 19 lbs
  • It features a top quality H3 valve
  • Another great quality feature is the 15 D-rings it has
  • Since it has a backpack, I have to mention that it is very roomy and is made of heavy duty nylon. It also has durable mesh sides.
  • The complete package also has a there-piece adjustable aluminium paddle
  • To allow for easier and better tracking it features a tri-fin design
  • It is a substantial 11 feet long and 32 inches wide allowing people up to 6 feet tall to use it with ease
  • It can support paddle boarders of up to 300 lbs weight
  • It is very sturdy, extremely stiff and rigid, and also features a 10-feet long leash
  • Another feature is the composite fin that is 8 inches and a universal fin box

What are the top good points of the Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board?

  • It is strong, rigid and durable
  • The package contains everything you need to do paddle boarding, meaning you do not need to buy any accessories
  • It has a highly appreciated tri-fin design
  • The paddle that comes with it is adjustable and has a three piece design
  • It comes with a solid two year warranty from Atoll

What’s not so good about the Atoll inflatable paddle board?

  • There are no real negatives though there have been a few stray cases of problems with the seams

What do actual buyers say about it?

When you see reviews of actual buyers you notice that overall people are very happy with it. It has a very high rating on Amazon, and one of its most appreciated qualities is it stability and excellent handling in water. Many users are happy about it being a complete package, not requiring them to buy anything else to start off with it. An interesting point is that since, it is wide and long, many paddlers are able to take their pet dogs along with them with ease.

In conclusion

The Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the very best amongst the choice. It comes a good price point and has everything that you need in a reliable and great performing paddle board.

2. iRocker Cruiser inflatable SUP 10’6 review


The iRocker is a looker. It is stylish and sleek and will get looks from all around when you take it for a spin or rather a paddle. It covers the essentials very well, and is well constructed and durable, and very stable and rigid. It has a wide tail and is 6 inches thick giving it the ability to support up to 350 lbs weight.

The iRocker Cruiser inflatable stand up paddle board is also great for beginners. The iRocker package is also as complete as the Atoll’s. This sleek paddle board comes with a paddle that has a three piece construct, an iRocker branded air pump, a paddle leash  and a backpack for carrying it around.

The paddle is interesting as you can convert it into a kayak paddle thanks to the optional kayak blade. The paddle is made from fiberglass and is much lighter than an aluminum paddle. The high quality construction and strong and durable materials make it a great SUP for all kinds of paddle boarding.

Features of the iRocker Cruiser inflatable stand up paddle board

  • This inflatable SUP is very rigid and demonstrates great stability
  • It has a slightly altered shape which enables it to track pretty fast
  • As with the Atoll, the iRocker also comes in a package containing the essentials
  • The paddle is very good, it is made of gloating fiberglass, and has unbreakable hard rubber edges. It can also be converted to a kayak paddle with the optional kayak blade.
  • The backpack is very roomy and has well padded straps that can be length adjusted
  • As with all good quality paddle boards. It comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The board is a good length, being 10 feet 6 inches from tip to tip
  • It’s width is 33 inches
  • It will allow people with a height of up to 6 feet to paddle
  • It will support a weight of up to 350 lbs
  • It weighs around 24 lbs

What are the good points of the iRocker inflatable stand up paddle board?

  • It comes as an all included package that does not require you to buy any other accessories to start off with your paddle boarding experience
  • It is made of high quality material and is sturdy and durable
  • The paddle is quite versatile and made from a high quality floating fiberglass, and it is also easy to adjust

What’s not so good about the iRocker paddle board?

  • It has a wider shape which limits it speed somewhat

What do actual buyers of the iRocker Cruiser inflatable stand up paddle board have to say about it?

Overall the paddle board has positive feedback. Most owners are very pleased with its stability in water and the durability of the material. In general shipping is fast as is the packaging. The customer service has also earned some admirers. Many owners have pointed out that it better features are the light weight and the safety line it has for rough seas.

3. Isle Airtech 12' Explorer Inflatable SUP Paddleboard review


This paddle board is for the more adventurous among stand up paddle boarders. We are looking at the 12 feet version here, but you also get an 11 feet long version. The difference of length makes the 12 feet Isle Exlporer faster and increases the deck space, but it is also slightly harder to control. This board is 6 inches thick and that means it will remain stable and rigid under all circumstance. With this 6' thickness, you will never have to worry about bending int he middle or sagging, when it si int he water. With a width of a cool 32 inches, and a length of 12 feet, this board is big enough and able to take enough weight to bring along a buddy along with you.

As with the two SUP inflatable paddle boards we have reviewed above, the Isle Airtech Explorer also comes in a package that has everything you need to get into the water and start paddle boarding immediately. The entire package inclusive in the cost also has a paddle, a high pressure air pump, a leash, a backpack and a fin. Of course the manual is there for explaining its usage and features.

One distinguishing feature of this bundle is that the three piece paddle is made from carbon. The other packages do not contain a carbon paddle, and this is a clear advantage. Carbon paddles are generally lighter and better and very good for longer sessions of stand up paddle boarding. If you have a family you will appreciate this paddle even more as it is lighter and kids can handle it more easily. 

As for the actual SUP inflatable paddle board, it has two carry handle and a bungee system that is great for your stuff on the board.

Features of the Isle Airtech 12' Explorer Inflatable SUP

  • Though we are talking only about the 12 feet version, the 11 feet long version is also equally good.
  • As per the manufacturer, it only takes 5 minutes to inflate and deflate the Isle Explorer paddle board with the high pressure air pump
  • The entire package contains all the essentials, a paddle, a backpack, a leash, fin and an air pump
  • The paddle that comes in the package is made from carbon and is lighter and better than others
  • This cool SUP comes in two color combinations, blue and gray or yellow and gray
  • The construct of the paddle board is very good as it is made from military grade PVC
  • The SUP board has two bungee systems for storage of belongings
  • It is lighter than other paddle boards by around 30%
  • It has a total of 15-D rings
  • For easier transport the paddle board has two carry-handles at it two ends
  • Dimensions are - 12 feet length X 32 inches width X 6 inches thickness

What are the good points of the Isle Airtech Stand Up Paddle board?

  • As with most good quality paddle boards, it comes in a  complete package containing everything needed - paddle, leash, fin, backpack, air pump
  • The carbon paddle that is included is ultra light and better quality than others
  • Being 12 feet long, there is more than enough storage area
  • It makes for an excellent family inflatable stand up paddle board
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate
  • It is very strong, rigid and durable, and will never sag due to its 6 inch thickness

What's not so good about the Isle Airtech Explorer 12 feet paddle board?

  • Its length and shape makes it slightly slower than similar top ranked paddle boards

​What do actual buyers of the Isle Airtech SUP have to say about it?

One of the most appreciated points about the Isle Airtech 12' Explorer is that ti is easy and quick to inflate. Most people who have purchased it mention in their reviews that it takes just about 5 minutes to inflate it with while using a manual pump. The consensus among buyers is that the Isle Airtech Explorer is definitely worth its price as all the accessories that come with it are high quality, and it is a very reliable and durable inflatable paddle board. Also there are no complaints at all about the SUP sagging in the middle or sinking in the middle. This is because of its 6 inches thickness.

Overall this is great family and adventurer stand up inflatable paddle board.

4. Xterra 10 feet inflatable SUP Board Review


One of the hallmarks of Xterra is their focus on designing and creating boards that their customers want. They take cognizance of their customer needs and feedback and make their iSUP to exactly fulfil these needs. Xterra paddle boards are all about detail and the results are apparent. The Xterra 10 feet inflatable paddle board is made from military dropstitch material that makes it very sturdy and durable. With this high quality construction and top notch material, the Xterra will last you a very long time.

This top ranking stand up paddle board is very stable and strong compared to others in the same category and also to a traditional epoxy board.  The paddle board is 6 inches thick ensuring that it will not sag in the middle, and it has been made very strong. As per Xterra it is virtually indestructible, and will be able to withstand all situations, whether it falls off a car’s roof or is actually run over by a vehicle. It can support weights up to 250 lbs and is wide and stable enough for you to do SUP yoga on it with ease and great stability. Surprisingly, this SUP board will allow two to three people to be on it in the water.

As with most top ranked SUP boards, the Xterra 10 feet iSUP comes as a complete package, and includes an adjustable paddle, an air pump that is double action, a repair kit, a backpack, a 10 feet long leash, a removable fin and also a mount for a GoPro.

Features of the Xterra 10 feet inflatable stand up paddleboard

  • The Xterra paddleboard comes as a complete package
  • The paddle board is made of very durable material making it tough and resilient
  • The board is very stable and will allow you to do SUP yoga
  • Once deflated it is very portable and easy to carry and the board and all components fit easily into the backpack provided
  • Since it is sturdy, stable and has good thickness and load capacity, it is great for all kinds of SUP paddleboarding activities from yoga, cruising to surfing, whether in a lake or in the ocean
  • It is very well proportioned, with a length of 10 feet, a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 6 inches
  • Its weight is 29 lbs and it has the capacity to carry 250 lbs

What are the good points of the Xterra 10 feet inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

  • It is a complete package and you do not need anything else to get started
  • It is very stable and strong
  • It is durable and can withstand accidents and bumps and nicks
  • It is easy to transport in the backpack that fits everything together very well

What’s not so good about the Xterra 10 feet inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

  • According to feedback from actual users, the provided pump is not f the best possible quality, and though it says the board gets inflated in 5 minutes, reaching the recommended PSI for the board takes longer with some of the pumps.

What do actual buyers of the Xterra 10 feet iSUP have to say about it?

Most of the users have found the Xterra to be very good nad very well suited to their needs. They find the board to be stable and good for beginners too. The iSUP tracks very well and the paddle is of a good quality. There were a few stray reviews of buyers who were not happy as they had received defective boards. We are sure that the 1 year warranty and the 30 days returns policy would have taken care of those issues.

Overall a great iSUP to buy.

5. Ten Toes Weekender 10 feet inflatable SUP Board Review


This sturdily built iSUP is great for all level of paddleboarders. It has a very strong construct with drop stitching that makes the iSUP virtually indestructable. The upper and lower layers of the paddle board are stitched together using hundreds of strong plastic threads, that makes the board able to withstand anything. This is the special drop stitching technique and over it all the board also has a layer of military grade PVC. This ensures that there is no popping, and that no amount of rough use and accidents will give it cuts or dents.

It is truly as stable and hard as a epoxy hard paddle board, yet much easier to transport and use. It comes with a lightweight aluminum paddle, there removable nylon fins, a nylon strap and a hand pump. This inflatable stand up paddle board supports up to 250 lbs and you can easily take your pet along for a paddle boarding session.This iSUP has a soft deck pad that makes sure that your pet is comfortable on it. As a full package paddle board, you don't need to buy anything else to use it. We find this board to be very durable and reliable.

Features of the ten Toes Weekender 10 feet inflatable stand up paddleboard

  • The Ten Toes iSUP comes as a complete package with everything you need to go straight into the water
  • It is made with military grade PVC and drop stitching, making it rigid and durable
  • When deflated, it turns into s small package that can be easily transported
  • The deck of this board is soft, allowing pets to come on board comfortably
  • The board is wide and easy to maneuver, and suitable for all skill levels and different kinds of watr conditions
  • It is 10 feet long and 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick
  • It weighs around 29 lbs and can carry weights of up to 250 lbs

What are the good points of the Ten Toes Weekender inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

  • It has a soft deck pad that is great for pets
  • It is easy to store and transport
  • It has an indestructable adjustable paddle
  • It is very strong and durable
  • It is overall very high quality
  • It includes a very stylish backpack

What’s not so good about the Ten Toes Weekender 10 feet inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

  • The board is a little difficult to inflate with the provided hand pump

What do actual buyers of the ten Toes Weekender iSUP have to say about it?

There is generally very positive feedback about this iSUP. Most buyers find it to be very strong and durable and rigid enough to be mistaken for a epoxy traditional paddle board.

Some buyers find the iSUP difficult to inflate with the hand pump, but that is something they can easily solve with an electric inflatable paddle board pump. Almost all the buyers find it stable and rigid.

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