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silicone wedding ring versus metal ring

Why wear a silicone wedding ring – Silicone versus metal wedding band


Metallic Hue Silicone Rings anyone? Best of both worlds.

Silicone wedding rings are gaining in popularity all over the world, especially with those involved in sports, or with an active lifestyle and or those who do work that involves physical hazards.

The reason why people wear silicone wedding rings is because they are much safer than traditional metal wedding rings in any situation where the ring might cause injury. If a metal ring gets snagged, then the resulting injury can be very serious. In contact sports and while doing physical activity, there are high chances of an injury resulting from a hard metal ring. For anyone who does electrical work a metal ring is a very serious hazard.

Sportspersons like NFL players cannot wear their traditional metal rings when playing. If someone works around heavy machinery and in factories, then the ring can be the cause of a serious hand injury.

Traditional rings can cause injury and are also expensive

In fact metal traditional metal wedding rings have another major problem. A study was done where it was found that 1 in 8 men lose their wedding rings. If that was an expensive gold or platinum ring, then along with its deep sentimental value, the dollar value of the loss is also pretty significant.

The Silicone Wedding Ring is the solution to all of these problems.

The silicone wedding ring is absolutely safe to wear in all conditions, whether you are fire fighter, a football player, a swimmer, a policeman, mechanic, electrician or anyone who is into physical activity or is around machinery that is hazardous.

Silicone wedding bands are made from medical grade silicone

Silicone wedding rings as the name suggest is made of a special medical grade silicone that if snagged and in an accident situation will break off at 20 pounds of pressure. That means you will never have an injury because of your wedding ring, no matter what the situation. Silicone wedding bands are medical grade so they are hypoallergenic, they are the heat proof and they do not conduct electricity. This makes them extremely suitable for any kind of work involving hands and physical activity. Also since they are made of a soft material, they will not hurt on impact with another person. This is especially important in contact sports, like for the NFL players.

Silicone wedding bands are inexpensive

As for the price, they cost around 7 to 10 dollars, going up to around 30 dollars. You can get them in all kinds of colors and there are many designs available now. You get them in sets where you can change the color of the ring according to your own attire. You will find an excellent silicone wedding ring buying guide here, and also the best silicone wedding rings are also listed and reviewed there.

Specialized profession specific silicone wedding rings

Now there are specialized silicone wedding bands available for fire fighters, the police force, nurses and many other professions. You can again find them in the silicone wedding rings buying guide.

To summarize, here are the reasons why a silicone wedding ring is better than a traditional metal wedding ring.

Silicone wedding Band versus Traditional Metal Wedding Ring Comparison Table

Points to consider

Silicone Wedding Band

Traditional Metal Wedding Ring

Accident Safety

Completely safe as they break at 20 lbs pressure

Can cause serious injury to finger if snagged

Electrical Safety

Made of non-conducting silicone, so totally safe

Highly unsafe as it is made of a conducting metal


Very inexpensive just a few dollars

Usually quite expensive, and results in a big loss in case it is lost

Suitable for active lifestyle or work

Very conducive to an active lifestyle or work involving physical activity or work with hands, as they are soft, safe and easily replaced

Can result in injury if physical activity is involved during leisure or work

Allergy or skin problems

Hypoallergenic and breathable, they will never cause any skin irritation or discoloring or any allergy

May cause allergy in some people, can irritate the skin and cause discoloration, can also block out air exposure to the skin right under the ring

Color, texture fading

These are ozone and UV resistant so the color will not fade in time and they will also not look old

The metal may fade or get discolored due to climatic factors


Will not last for years, but it pretty durable, and can be replaced very easily and at a negligible cost

If taken care of can last for years and even generations

Emergency removal

Can be easily removed in an emergency situation, can be cut off by simple medical scissors

Emergency removal is very difficult, especially when the finger is swollen or the ring is too tight.

Wearing comfort

Silicone wedding rings are light and extremely comfortable

Traditional metal rings can be bit cumbersome to wear and are not as light or seamlessly comfortable as silicone wedding rings

Design options and valuable stones

Though silicone wedding bands come in different colors, designs and textures, they are not as versatile as traditional metal rings when it comes to design and the ability to adorn it with precious stones

Traditional metal rings come in a bewildering variety of materials, designs, precious stone additions and prices.

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  1. I work out and silicone rings are a great and very ideal option for me… I have stopped wearing my metal rings altogether

  2. I go to the gym, and so does my husband, we have recently shifted to silicone bands… they are great. Can you suggest some designer ones…

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