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What kind of wedding bands should athletic women wear

If your fiancée or your wife is into boxing, what kind of wedding ring should she wear? Most will say, while boxing, absolutely no ring at all. Some will say that she should have a nice understated classic plain metal wedding ring to wear while not participating in sports. Have you ever considered the best rubber wedding rings that you can wear today? Also called silicone rings. And what many prefer to call athletic wedding bands.

You may be on the hunt for a simple and subtle metal ring that suits her style, but she will never be able to wear it while practicing or while in the ring. This doesn’t just go for a woman who is into boxing but any woman who is an athlete. You can’t wear a ring while you are doing a 100 meter dash, or a long jump or even a contact sport like judo.

However. There is one kind of ring that she can safely wear while doing absolutely anything. That is a silicone ring for athletes. These rings are made from medical grade silicone and are hypoallergenic and at the core of it all they cannot cause any injury to the wearer or anyone else, since they are made from rubber. Also, the silicone ring industry have moved ahead a lot and with Brands like Groove rings coming out with highly advanced rings that are breathable and don’t stretch.

Athletes are different from the rest of us. They are passionate about their sport and give their everything. A metal ring can, not just come in the way, but prove to be downright dangerous. You may get advice from jewelers that a flush setting engagement ring will do just fine. Those rings where the stones a set to be level with the metal of the ring.

They may be good for most of the time, but certainly not all of the time. Athletic women want to show their commitment as much as anyone else, and preferably all of the time.

So, go ahead and check the best brands in athletic wedding bands, from Enso to Groove to Qalo today.

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