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Do silicone rings stretch?

All silicone rings are made from medical grade silicone, a material which by its very nature stretches. So, yes if you ask us ‘do silicone rings stretch’, our answer will be yes. However, there are silicone rings that do not stretch, which are especially good for sportsmen and those who don’t want their rings to move around at all or stretch out after some time. We will talk about the only silicone rings that do not stretch a little later.


First let us talk about why silicone rings stretch

One of the main reasons silicone wedding rings came into existence is because of an inherent and dangerous problem with traditional metal rings. When a metal ring gets snagged accidentally, then it can cause very serious injury to your finger. The most severe injuries go by the name of ring avulsion and degloving. There have been instances of people losing their finger too. A very well know case of ring avulsion was the one involving Jimmy Fallon.

We strongly recommend that you do not do any internet searches for these injuries as the imagery is very graphic and disturbing. Jimmy Fallon’s case is a very clear indication of how a traditional wedding ring can in the most unexpected of ways cause severe injury. He was in his home, when he tripped and caught his ring on the edge of a table, and it nearly ripped his finger off. Another man tripped and his ring got caught on a fence and it nearly stripped his finger to the bone.

Silicone rings not only stretch when they get snagged, they also break off if there is a strong force. That means if you trip and your ring gets snagged, it will harmlessly break off. Since the silicone rings stretch, in case of a mishap, the ring will expand and allow your finger to slip out too. You can take a look at the Top 10 Best Silicone Rings if you want to know more about them.

A Silicone ring that does not stretch

Groove rings have come out with the world’s first silicone rings that do not stretch. These rings have been made with a special triple layer technology, that prevents them from stretching but at the same time makes them break if there is a significant force. That means when you are focusing on a sport or an activity that requires precision and concentration, you will never have to worry about your silicone ring moving as it stretches, yet you can also be absolutely sure of the safety of the ring in case it gets snagged.

why do silicone rings stretch

Groove Zeus Ring

The ring developed by Groove Rings took them 3 years of research and development, and is called the Zeus ring. The Zeus ring is made from three rings fused together. The outer ring is an ultra-durable silicone ring, the concealed middle ring is a patented nylon band that prevents the ring from stretching and also has a safety break technology built into it, that allows it to snap under pressure. The inner ring is the most breathable band that has ever been created by Groove rings, and has special grooves for allowing air flow and maximum breathability. This ring has increased angle breathability, and the inner band grooves keep your finger cool and dry by allowing moisture to flow out and air to flow in constantly. This Zeus ring will flex but unlike ordinary silicone rings which after prolonged use may stretch and become lose, this will never stretch thanks to its patented anti-stretch inner band.


The Mayhem Zeus ring created in collaboration with 7 time cross fit world champion


Groove didn’t stop at just creating the Zeus ring, they collaborated with the 7-time, Crossfit world-champion, Rich Froning, to specially develop the Mayhem Ring, that fulfils all the needs or Rich. Being a cross-fit champion Rich Froning already wore silicone rings, but he did not want the rings to stretch and move around, so with his inputs the Mayhem rings was created. This ring has all the qualities of the Zeus ring plus has custom colors, designs laser etched on it, has hand painted fills and is of course a ring created for elite and warrior level athletes.

All the rings of Groove are available on their website, and you can check them out with the discounts currently being offered below.

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