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Free Silicone Wedding Rings

If you haven’t heard about silicone wedding bands, you’ve been living under a rock. Well not really, maybe you don’t even need a wedding ring or prefer the traditional metal rings.

If, however, you are someone who has an active or outdoorsy lifestyle or your work involves physical activity, then you really need to explore silicone wedding rings. Silicone wedding rings are made from medical grade silicone rubber, prevent any kind of injury related to traditional metal rings getting snagged, like avulsion and degloving (please don’t check for images, they are very frightening), are hypoallergenic, non-conductive (safe for electricians) and heat-resistant (safe for firefighters), and are the preferred choice of sportsmen, law enforcement, active lifestyle, gym enthusiasts and literally anyone who is into physical activity and works with or near machines and tools.

Free Silicone Wedding Rings from Groove Rings

Groove Rings are arguably the best silicone wedding rings available today. You may have already seen the immense choice of silicone wedding rings on online stores, and seen prices ranging from as low as a few dollars to over $40.

If you are reluctant to try out a high quality breathable and superior design silicone wedding ring, then Groove has come out with the prefect offer for you. Typically, one Groove ring costs around $30 to $40, you will get three of them free for 5 days, then you decided whether you want to keep any of them.

To help their customers understand how much better it is to wear a Groove silicone ring they are offering you three Groove silicone rings of your choice absolutely free for five days. You try them out, wear them continuously and get a good feel of them. If you like them, you keep any or all of them by paying after a week, or you return them all. You only pay $1.99 for shipping the rings to your home, and returns are handled free of cost by Groove rings. So, no hassles or cost for returning them either.

We feel this is the best possible offer for someone who wants to check out silicone wedding bands, and especially the higher quality superior silicone wedding rings that are way more comfortable, better looking and more suited to wearing long term.

Here is the Groove Rings free silicone rings offer:


Almost free silicone wedding ring – just 0.99 on Amazon


Yes, you read it right, you can buy a silicone ring for $0.99 and its yours for life.

This is a very basic silicone ring, it has no bells and whistles, and is absolutely plain. You get in in five colors, black, blue, grey, camo green and red. The ring is made from silicone rubber, has no designs on it, but is the authentic silicone wedding ring.

These Wens Ltd silicone rings are not going to give the comfort, breathability, superior workmanship and style of Groove rings, but you will be able to replace your traditional wedding ring in a pinch. Say you need to go for a sudden camping trip and you know your expensive wedding ring could get lost, just swap it with this silicone ring. Keep your traditional wedding ring safely at home and get off on your wilderness adventure.

The Wens Ltd silicone wedding bands are made from only the BPA free, hypoallergenic and food grade silicone. The description of the rings states that they are safe to wear in any environment – are ideal for those working with their hands or into strenuous physical activity. This list includes doctors, construction, law enforcement, electricians, firefighters, mechanics, military, sportspersons, and during gym sessions, and daily exercise like crossfit, cycling, swimming, running and playing any sports.

Though these silicone rings are robust in all ways, they may not be very comfortable to wear long term.

In fact, there is a great article on Groove rings on why cheap silicone wedding rings are not very great to wear long term. You can read it here – 3 Reasons Most Silicone Rings Suck.

Want a super detailed and exhaustive guide on silicone wedding rings?

If you do, then we suggest you read out massive guide with a list of the 10 best silicone wedding rings. It not only educates about silicone wedding bands, but also gives sizing advice, buying tips, overview of top brands, best rings to buy, who the rings are best for, thin line dedicated silicone rings and much more.

Go on and experience and enjoy what a growing number of people around the world are increasingly preferring to traditional metal rings. Join the world wide movement to wear silicone wedding rings.

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