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Men’s Wedding Bands – How to choose one

When it comes to your wedding, guys spend a lot of time choosing what wedding band to buy for their wife, but they rarely think about what they themselves will wear.

If you are the kind of guy who only wants a simple gold band as a wedding ring, then you may not need to really check out this guide. Actually, even if you are the simple gold, band kind of guy, I strongly suggest that you read on. Simply because you would that gold band to fit well, reflect your own sense of style, and also look good enough that your wife does not hate it.

Of course, if you would like to choose something you really after checking out a selection of men’s wedding bands, then you must read on, for some practical information and tips.

When it comes down to the basics, you need to know the essential types of wedding rings for men, first.

Men’s wedding ring main types

Let us start with the classic men’s wedding band. This is the plain gold band that guys with no real choice go in for. The classic men’s wedding band is a plan metal band with no shape enhancements, stones or carvings. That means it is a plain metal band. However, this kind of wedding ring is also timeless and classic, and if chosen well will always look stylish and sleek.

The next kind are the carved wedding rings. These are classic wedding bands with carved designs etched on them. These rings do not have a completely smooth rounded shape but have a bevelled design on them. They look more intricate than the classic design, and many men find them to have more aesthetic value and meaning. According to some men they are also more masculine than simple plain rings.

One of the more elaborate and expensive options is a diamond ring. The men’s diamond wedding ring can have a single diamond or several diamonds in a design. Diamonds are expensive and the more there are on the ring, the more expensive it will be. However, it will be much more noticeable and stylish.

You can also choose an alternate metal wedding ring. These are men’s wedding bands made from non-traditional metals like cobalt, chrome or titanium. These are rings that are suited to men who already wear other rings or jewelry. The rings are similar except for the base material, and the resulting look of the metal.

A rising choice among men is the silicone wedding ring. These are rings that are made for people with an active lifestyle or those who are involved in hazardous work, or in law enforcement and similar jobs. Slicone rings are made from medical grade silicone that break away when force is applied, to prevent injury to the finger. They are also hypoallergenic, no-conducting, heat resistant and safe for anyone to wear.

These are the overall choices of types of wedding rings for men, that you have. However, within these choices also there are a lot more choices. We are talking about metal wedding rings, which can come in a variety of options.

Types of metal wedding bands for men

The most common choice is yellow gold, but there are some other great options too. The other metals you can choose from for your ring are white gold, platinum, rose gold, palladium, sterling silver and titanium.

Each has a different look and different qualities. Platinum is very popular as it has a very sophisticated. Paladium is also from the platinum family but it is silver white and softer. White gold is essentially gold that has been plated with rhodium. Which is from the palladium family of metals. Rose gold is made from a mixture of gold, copper and a small amount of silver. This has a reddish tinge, and gives a vintage look, that some men really like.

We all know about yellow gold, which is the most common metal and the classic choice for rings, and all kinds of jewelry.

This should help you with your choice of material for your ring. The next thing you need to do is pick the right size for your ring. We recommend using a ring sizer for this purpose. They are easily available online and are quite cheap. They give you a very clear idea of what ring size will fit you best.

When you are making such a big investment, make sure it fits right.

Another thing to keep in mind is the width of the ring. In general, the perception is that the wider the band it is, the more masculine it looks. However, you should go in for a width that you are most comfortable with.

A final tip, is the actual fit of the ring. You can either go in for a standard fit or a comfort fit. You have two options here: Standard Fit and Comfort Fit. The simple difference is that the standard fit rings are flat on the inside while the comfort fit are rounded on the inside. This si essentially a matter of what you find comfortable. For some it makes a considerable difference while others find almost no difference. It depends on the shape of your fingers.

We hope that you can now, go ahead and boldly choose a great men’s wedding ring.

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