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Custom engagement rings – make it a special kind of special

Wanting to make a custom engagement ring means only one thing – you love your partner in a very special way and you want to really cherish the symbol of your union.

It is a wonderful thing to make a custom engagement ring to show your commitment to the special love in your life. You may have already looked into jewelry stores and online jewelry and somehow nothing quite made the cut. Well the way to go is to create your unique custom ring.

However, it isn’t very simple and straightforward to create a custom engagement ring unless of course you want to go in for custom silicone rings, which is actually as simple and choosing a design and ordering it online. Mind you, you should go in for this only if you are both have active lifestyles and are into exercising, outdoor activities and such that are not suited a traditional metal ring. You must be sure that she will appreciate the gesture of a silicone ring that prevents injury to the finger and is meant for people leading active and outdoorsy lives.  and Currently the two best brands for custom silicone rings are Groove and Enso.

Getting back to the traditional custom engagement rings that you are thinking about – here is a handy guide that will help you to create it the way you want it, within the budget you have decided and on time for your big event.

Keep more than enough time for the custom ring to be made

Making a custom ring means creating the ring from scratch. That means you will first take time to get to the right design, then you will take time to work with the actual artist on the design. Then you will choose the materials and finally the time it takes for the craftsman to create it. A quick glance at the process include – design consultation, sketched design, 3D computer rendering, design adjustments, actual creation of ring. Keep in mind that it takes 6 weeks or more for the custom ring to arrive once you have placed your order, so give the process enough time when you are planning for creating your custom engagement ring.

Fixing a budget beforehand is important

You should know beforehand that a custom designed ring costs more than a ring that you buy from a store. You need to have a budget in mind before you start the process. It is very easy to go overboard on the budget, since you will be choosing all the different things separately, like the various materials, the making cost, the design intricacies etc. Keep a budget cap and don’t take costs of different things separately, add them up and see the total cost, every time. Before deciding any part of the ring.

It is best to go to a jeweller who has been recommended by someone you trust

The jeweller you choose will have an impact on every single aspect of your custom ring. From the materials to the design, the time, the budget and more. When your jeweller is reputed and has a lot of experience, you will find that it all goes smoothly and you get what you want, when you want it. Choosing the wrong jeweller can really blow up I your face, if the jeweller’s mistakes leave you with no time to get the ring that you actually wanted.

You have to know her tastes, after all, it is for her

That special person in your life, she has her own tastes and her own style. There is way she likes to dress, there is a way she likes to present herself. The ring that you will design has to complement and enhance who she is. That means you need to know her tastes. The best way to do this is go ring shopping with her and get to know what she likes and doesn’t like. If you know her tastes well, then of course, you can go right ahead and create something that you know she will like.

However, if you are clueless, there are still a few options you can try out.

Start by paying closer attention to the jewellery she wears and her choice of metals and stones. Does she like subtle or bold, does she like classic or modern?

You can also ask her close family and friends for help. They will be able to guide you well.

Finally, if all else fails, then ask her directly for some suggestions, as along as she knows what is coming.

There is no harm in taking inspiration from something you have seen before

In fact, it makes thing a lot easier to have a ring as a reference point. If there is a ring which is somewhat like the one you want made, then by all means show it to the designer and also take all the inspiration you need from it. You don’t even need to restrict it to one ring. Zoom in one a few that you like and pick different aspects from each ring, that you would like in your custom made ring.

Eliminate styles, so you can move ahead faster

There are overall styles of engagement rings which you can narrow down right away. Check out the range of styles prevalent and pick the one or two that you want to stick to.

Ring styles range from solitaires, rings with side stones, a vintage look, three stone arrangement, a halo with a central stone and a circle around it, and others.

Pick the material after considering your budget and likes and dislikes

When you have decided on a traditional engagement ring, then the material choices are down to a few. Use your likes, her likes and your budget to choose on a metal. The most preferred options that you have are Yellow gold, Rose gold, White gold, Palladium and Platinum.

Finally choose the stone or stones you want in the ring

Most engagement rings have a large centre stone, and smaller stones around it. The most preferred options are diamond, amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, morganite, topaz. You can even think about making a combination of different stones, including her favorite kind of stone.

Keep these points in mind, and you will be able to create what you want to, and engagement ring that is custom designed for her, and that is extra special because you have put a part of yourself into it.

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